Dallmeier at InterTraffic 2014

Panomera-Traffic (2)With Panomera Traffic, Dallmeier presents new solutions for traffic telematics applications at stand 10.512 at InterTraffic 2014 in Amsterdam.

Panomera Traffic is a new, intelligent Video-IP total solution for traffic telematics applications from Dallmeier. It consists of a Panomera multifocal camera system, special traffic telematics video analysis for high resolution video streams, a virtual video matrix and the proven Dallmeier SeMSy video management system with Traffic Package.

The patented multifocal sensor system Panomera stands out due to a completely novel lens and sensor concept with which even objects that are farther away can be displayed with the same resolution as objects in the foreground of the picture. Unlike conventional PTZ cameras, Panomera works with multiple sensors, each of which has a different focal length. Panomera technology thus combines several focal ranges to create a single, contiguous, harmonised field of view with outstanding resolution and pin-sharp detail. The operator can then navigate dynamically in the video stream depending on the nature and requirements of the traffic conditions.

In contrast to PTZ cameras, Panomera has no movable mechanical parts, which means there is no wear, extending the camera’s lifetime. Thanks to the multi-user capability, with Panomera, an unlimited number of operators can navigate across the entire scene independently of each other.

Panomera Traffic offers traffic analyses for motorways, trunk roads, tunnels and urban roads in real time. The analysis modules have been designed specifically for the Traffic sector.

More Information:

www.dallmeier.com – www.panomera.com

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