Dallmeier Announces New 5000 Series

5000 Series

High light sensitivity and resolutions up to 4K

Coinciding perfectly with the Security trade fair, Dallmeier is bringing a new line of cameras onto the market: The 5000 series features resolutions up to 4K and a special “Nightline” range for optimal image reproduction even in poor light conditions.

Whether in the form of a redesigned box camera or a vandal-resistant dome camera – the new 5000 series cameras are most remarkable for their high resolution, frame rate and light sensitivity.

5000 seriesThe latest generation of encoders provides for realtime ultra-HD video (2160p/30) in the DF5400HD range: These cameras deliver pinpoint sharp 4K pictures in real time and support resolutions of up to 8 megapixels. If 3K or resolutions up to 6 megapixels are sufficient, the DF5300HD range is perfect.

The DF5200HD “Nightline” range is ideal for taking pictures at night or in very poor light conditions: These cameras have been developed with particularly close attention paid to changing light conditions over a 24-hour period of video surveillance. The combination of the most advanced sensor and encoder technologies lends pictures exceptional contrast, brilliant clarity and outstanding resolution with colour fidelity, even in poor light. The sensor’s extreme sensitivity to light and the sophisticated image processing technology enable detailed colour pictures to be taken even in darkness. In Night mode, the cameras still deliver unsurpassed results due to their excellent infrared sensitivity.

The DF5200HD “Nightline” cameras are equipped with an ambient light sensor and a removable IR cut filter and can switch automatically between Day and Night modes. Different Day and Night presets can also be defined and adapted for the preprogrammed exposure settings.

When used together with a High Speed Encoder Board (available as an option from the manufacturer), the DF5200HD “Nightline” range of cameras can be equipped for a frame rate of up to 120 fps with full resolution (1080p/120). Accordingly, it is ideal for all applications that require rapid movements to be captured in high resolution.

Live presentation at Security Essen
Everyone who wants to see the new 5000 series cameras in action will have the chance to do so at the Security 2014 trade fair in Essen. Besides the new cameras, many more highlights await visitors in the open exhibition area FG 1, such as the Panomera® showtruck, in which the latest examples of multifocal sensor technology will be on display, a 90 square metre Partners’ Pavilion with several different VideoIP solutions, and even a Panomera® Octoberfest, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the founding of Dallmeier.

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