Dahua Technology launches HDCVI 3.0

Dahua Technology launches HDCVI 3.0

Dahua Technology launches HDCVI 3.0, next-generation Analog-to-HD solution

Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer of video surveillance products, announced the release of HDCVI 3.0, its next-generation analog-to-HD video surveillance solution.

HDCVI, also known as high definition composite video interface technology, is technology developed and introduced by Dahua in November 2012 to address an industry need. Since then it has become a standard for HD-over-coaxial-cable video transmission that allows reliable, cost-effective long-distance HD transmission, offering powerful performance and functionality.

Dahua HDCVI3.0 technology includes full compatibility with a wide range of industry platforms and technologies, higher video resolutions such as ultra HD and 4K, as well as intelligent functions equal to those in IP systems.

Liquan Fu, President of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd said:

“The worldwide adoption of Dahua HDCVI technology is testament to its ability to address an industry need. With nearly two hundred million analog security surveillance systems deployed globally, HDCVI 3.0 is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the security industry for the years to come.”

Full Compatibility
Dahua HDCVI 3.0 effortlessly integrates with five popular industry platforms — HDCVI, AHD, TVI, IP and analog—and can accept input from IP systems. DVRs equipped with HDCVI3.0 technology can act as an access point to integrate with external passive infrared sensors, smoke detectors and other type of sensors, to further provide comprehensive security services.

Ultra HD
Dahua HDCVI3.0delivers a true end-to-end ultra HD experience to existing coaxial systems. It is the first technology that realizes 4-megapixel resolution over coaxial cabling. Meanwhile, it also offers Dahua Starlight night vision technology that includes2-megapixel resolution at 0.008 lux illumination and 120dB WDR. Additionally, it features H.265 compression standard that allows the system to save up to 50% bandwidth.

Dahua HDCVI3.0 features rich intelligence including facial recognition, people counting, heat map, smart tracking, and smart scene adaption. Other basic smart features include intrusion, virtual tripwire, missing object, abandoned object and scene change. Defogging and a voltage overload alarm are also included.

HDCVI 3.0 systems offer the same simplicity and ease of installation as analog systems of the past, as the cameras can be plugged into the DVRs using coaxial cable. HDCVI 3.0 systems are low-cost and easy-to-build. Video travels long distances with no delays/latency and power can be directly supplied over coaxial cable.

Another advantage of HDCVI 3.0 is the transmission distance compared to other analog systems. When transmitting general media, the signal can be extended as far as 1,200 meters by using 75-5 cable, with a low signal distortion rate.

HDCVI 3.0 not only offers high definition across long distances, but also features no-latency capability for outstanding real-time performance, because there is no compression processing required to maintain its original effect, resulting in vivid image quality.

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