Dahua shows video surveillance range at London roadshow

Dahua, a leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions, hosted a roadshow event in London yesterday which attracted security installers and consultants throughout the day.

Held at the Novotel London next door to Wembley Stadium, the event was an opportunity for the company to demonstrate its cameras, recorders and display solutions.

Account Manager Robin Sun

Account Manager Robin Sun talked me through the company’s products and offerings

Although many people may not realise it, the company’s products will already be well known to the security industry as it has been an OEM supplier in the UK for major brands for a number of years. However, this year the company has set itself the objective of establishing the Dahua name as a recognised security brand in its own right.

The company has begun actively marketing itself through advertising in trade publications, attending many of the major trade exhibitions and engaging potential clients directly through face-to-face meetings and events like the Wembley roadshow.

The company positions itself as the end-to-end solution for IP, analogue and HDCVI systems.

HDCVI stands for high definition composite video interface and is Dahua’s in-house answer to the need for high-definition analogue video using legacy coaxial cabling. Dahua recently joined the HDcctv Alliance which has adopted the HDCVI standard as the basis of the HDcctv HDCVI 2.0 standard, providing an open access to HDCVI technology and ensuring interoperability between different manufacturers.

One consultant I spoke to said he had been watching Dahua for many years and was impressed by its offering. He said the HDCVI product in particular is ideal for the UK market because it provides an end-to-end solution that works over legacy coax cabling.


Customers exploring the products

Delegates at the event were keen to get hands-on demos of the products, with many flicking through the menus and set up options of the recorders and cameras and examining the quality of construction. Some had clearly already made up their minds and placed their orders at the event.

In the IP category, Dahua offers a wide range of network cameras and domes including everything from a 6-inch speed dome to 2-inch models. It also manufactures a range of analogue cameras including the HDIS range with 540, 600 and 720 TV lines and the Mega-HDIS range with 800 TV lines.

The HDCVI camera range features two major options: 720p, and 1080p. Dahua also makes recording solutions to match its camera range including a range of NVRs, analogue DVRs and HDCVI DVRs.

To round out the solution, the company also has encoder/decoder solutions, command and control software, video door phones and traffic surveillance solutions.


Dahua 4k video surveillance solution

Dahua was also demonstrating its 4K solutions

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