D Moses Consulting fill the industry gap in Perimeter Security

D Moses Consulting fill the industry gap in Perimeter Security

D Moses Consulting fill the industry gap in Perimeter Security

Lives and assets are protected when determined threats are delayed or deterred from access to your perimeters. D Moses Consulting‘s products and concepts work to this end, and are the results of many years of development and researching how to fill these gaps in the security industry.

Traditional reactionary methods of perimeter security yield less than effective results – with minimal-to-no return on investments. Chain link and razor wire fence can be cut or covered. Traditional electric fencing can be short circuited. Cameras, radar and motion-sensors only detect and monitor events and are not preventative. Thousands of miles of perimeter fences have to monitored by guards 24 hours a day leading to additional overhead expenses and possible injuries or fatalities on the job.

To counter this, security firm D Moses Consulting, Inc provides perimeter security solutions that are proactive and efficient. Their RubberGuard products and the Sound Barrier System can each be stand alone systems, and can also be integrated into any software and warning or detection systems you are currently using. Their products enhance traditional means of security such as fences, motion sensors and cameras, creating a situation of deterrence – or the absence of a security incident. The RubberGuard and SBS products effectively prevent entrance into high risk areas such as those found in the heavy industry, petroleum, maritime, telecom, law enforcement, and government sectors.

To see how RubberGuard secures perimeters watch the video below:

D. Moses Consulting: RubberGuard from Digital Base Client Page on Vimeo.

D. Moses Consulting, Inc. is a security firm involved in the development and marketing of innovative security products and concepts. Their goal is to provide clients with the most proactive and efficient security products on the market to effectively prevent entrance or access to unauthorised, high risk, or remote areas – providing solutions based on your scenario requirements and security needs.

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