D-Link Outdoor Cloud Camera ‘gives homeowners peace of mind’


D-Link has announced the launch of its wireless, high-definition outdoor security camera – the Outdoor Cloud Camera – which is aimed as a versatile camera for homeowners.


The camera would also suit the needs of small business owners wanting to monitor an outside area and entry to their building through an IP-surveillance system, at a compelling price point.

Although easy to install and set up, the Outdoor Cloud Camera has been designed to withstand life outside. It is encased in a sturdy IP65-rated weatherproof enclosure to protect it from dust and low-pressure water contact, such as rain. To resolve the issue of power supply outside, the wireless connectivity makes the camera well suited to those places where an outdoor power source is readily available, but where running a network cable would be difficult or unsightly – in a garage or shed, for instance.

For optimal viewing coverage, the camera features ‘pan-tilt-zoom’ capabilities, allowing the user to zoom in, zoom out and pan across the field of vision so that a large area can be surveyed easily. Furthermore, the integration of night vision and PIR motion-sensing technology, means the camera is the perfect all-day outdoor surveillance solution, ready to capture all movements. It is on call 24/7 to send notifications to the homeowner when motion is detected. It also comes with a microphone and speaker for two-way communication (half-duplex), for homeowners who want the added benefit of an entry system.

Its camera feed can be accessed easily from the user’s iOS or Android Smartphone or tablet PC, making monitoring the home when on the go simple and convenient. Furthermore, the inclusion of the mydlink Cloud Service provides easy remote camera management as well as access to live video streams, from any internet-enabled device. These versatile viewing options combine to make it ideal for homeowners who want to keep a watchful eye over their property, wherever they are. Irrespective of the device homeowners use to access the camera, they can be assured of high definition image quality and detail. This is delivered thanks to an advanced 1MP CMOS sensor, providing 720p HD video clarity which ensures that all details are crisp and clear.

In addition to being able to record images to a connected network video recorder (NVR), the camera also has a micro-SD slot for recording without the requirement of a PC or network storage device. This can be an ideal local storage solution for users or act as back up in the case of network failure.

Adrian Edwards, Consumer Solutions Manager at D-Link UK & Ireland, said: “Response to demand from consumers to protect their properties has led to the launch of our latest outdoor camera. The HD image quality and detail, together with a wealth of all-day outdoor surveillance features, make this the ideal solution for homeowners wanting to achieve peace-of-mind at an affordable price point. Additionally, we have responded to the proliferation of tablets and Smartphones by offering easy remote monitoring to users through the integration of the camera with our mydlink Cloud Services. ”



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  1. Adam Fahn on March 31, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Great advert but where do I get one?

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