D-Link IP surveillance cameras integrated with Observer VMS

d-link-logoD-Link has kicked off its partnership with video management software provider, NETAVIS, with integrated support for ten of D-Link’s IP Surveillance cameras on its Observer platform.

Andrew Mulholland, head of business solutions at D-Link UKI, said: “Many companies operate in a heterogeneous surveillance environment, combining legacy and modern equipment from several manufacturers. With our cameras now fully functional through NETAVIS Observer, partners and customers have even more flexibility and choice when it comes to designing these solutions. ”

NETAVIS Observer 4.4.4 and 4.3.13 now support the following D-Link IP Surveillance cameras: DCS-2210, DCS-2230, DCS-3112, DCS-3710, DCS-3716, DCS-6113, DCS-6511, DCS-6616, DCS-7110 and DCS-7413.

Further support is due in the coming months for the DCS-6210, DCS-3010 and DCS-7513.

Wolfgang Baumgartner, CEO of NETAVIS, added: “With thousands of successful installations, we provide support for a broad range of CCTV and IT infrastructures. With the growing demand for IP Surveillance and D-Link ‘s focus on end-to-end IP Surveillance solutions, integrating its cameras into our software was a logical step for both parties. ”

D-Link and NETAVIS plan to continue developing this partnership to integrate more products and features over time.

More Information:

www.dlink.com/uk – www.netavis.net

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