D-Link announces new vandal-resistant outdoor dome

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The DCS-6314

D-Link has extended its portfolio of full HD vandal and weather-proof IP surveillance cameras with the introduction of the DCS-6314.

Ideal for businesses requiring a resilient outdoor security solution, the Full HD WDR Varifocal Day & Night Outdoor Dome Network Camera (DCS-6314) features a built-in heater and water-shielded, resistant casing to protect against vandalism and harsh weather conditions, whilst capturing excellent image quality.

These features make it an ideal fit for rugged outdoor environments, such as the loading dock of a warehouse, school perimeters, or a hospital car park.

At two megapixel, this full HD camera provides high-resolution images to ensure all details can be seen clearly. Wide dynamic range (WDR) technology enables clear, detailed footage in almost any lighting condition – such as strong sunlight or dark areas of cloud cover – where many other cameras would struggle. For around-the-clock surveillance, the camera’s 15-metre IR LED illumination feature captures excellent images at night-time. It offers full security and 24/7 peace of mind for business owners wanting to keep an eye on outdoor areas, regardless of light conditions.

Andrew Mulholland, Head of Business Solutions, D-Link UKI, said: “The development of this new Full HD WDR Varifocal Day & Night Outdoor Dome Network Camera draws on D-Link’s strong expertise in IP surveillance. The camera offers business owners an affordable, professional security option, with a comprehensive range of features that tackle the real surveillance challenges that businesses face daily.

Many businesses rely on outdoor surveillance devices to protect property, people or stock. To be effective, it is important that they can withstand vandalism, adverse weather and varied lighting conditions. Based on customer insight we have devised a surveillance camera that addresses all these challenges and, at the same time, captures high quality full HD images, both day and night.”

Additional features like free video management software bring benefits such as the ability to zoom into a target area, to see an object in more detail than through normal viewing. The camera’s varifocal lens ensures the viewing angle and optical zoom ratio are optimised for its environment.

The camera offers full flexibility to be deployed in almost any outdoor location, and is easy to mount and configure. With Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support, the camera can be connected and powered with a single Ethernet cable to further simplify installation.

If an intruder enters the camera’s field of vision, recording is automatically triggered through the Motion Detection feature. While two-way audio support with external microphone or speaker connectivity enables users to warn off trespassers/intruders. A Micro SD/SDHC card slot provides the option of on-board storage, eliminating the need for a PC or network storage device.

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