Cyber security start-up aims to simplify processes for SMEs

Cyber security start-up aims to simplify processes for SMEs

A tech start-up is aiming to simplify cyber security with the launch of its new automated software product.
TitanView is the first product from Titan Labs and is aimed particularly at small to medium-sized businesses without specialist cyber security staff.
Unlike existing systems, which provide masses of data that can be difficult to interpret, the cloud-based software draws on a vast library of previous use cases and employs algorithms to prioritise risks and identify the real threats. It also offers best practice guidance on how to deal with them.
TitanView has been successfully trialed with a number of businesses and a version has already been adopted by an IT services provider. Titan Labs is working to further develop the product and incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning.
TitanView can be configured to users’ needs, for example to identify specific threat scenarios and reduce false positives and alerts, and to meet PCI compliance requirements.
Based in Malvern, Titan Labs was founded by four cyber security professionals – Rob Brewer, Tom West, Phil Johnson and Tim Charrot.

Rob Brewer says: “With a growing number of attacks and a shortage of skilled staff, there is a real need to simplify cyber security and make it more accessible – particularly for smaller firms which may rely on only one IT professional wearing many hats.

“TitanView enables them to follow industry best practice and focus on the real danger scenarios without being overwhelmed by a mass of data.”

Tom West adds: “Having spent years in the industry, we’ve seen many companies spend a fortune on bespoke systems that are not user-friendly and do not provide the data in an easy to understand format. All too often IT departments lose interest and the outlay is written off. We believe there’s another way.

“The results of our trials have been really encouraging and TitanView is already attracting strong interest from both end users and consultancies.”

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