Customers find emergency response time cut in half with ‘Safe Campus’

Safe Campus

Safe Campus

Today, Guardly is releasing the results from a customer study that was commissioned by the Campus Security department of a Toronto-based university seeking a mobile solution that would enable students to quickly alert and communicate with security dispatch in any situation, anywhere on campus grounds. The purpose of the study was to determine whether Safe Campus™ positively influences decision-making and swiftness of response efforts by campus security versus existing methods of reporting, monitoring and responding to incidents.

Guardly develops a mobile safety solution called Safe Campus™ that gives on campus emergency callers an app to quickly alert, send vital information to and communicate with campus police dispatch. Safe Campus™ also provides a rich management interface that helps dispatch personnel to monitor and respond to emergencies within campus boundaries. Clery Act reporting brings to light the 1,910 forcible sex offences, 1,475 aggravated assaults, 1,080 robberies and 11 murders that occurred on US campuses in 2010. These offences requiring immediate response continue to drive the need for faster and more personalized response efforts by campus police teams.

Results from the study indicated that Safe Campus™ helped reduce emergency response times by 44% per incident, for a net average time savings of 8 minutes and 10 seconds per incident. More specifically, dispatchers were able to save time during two key intervals: (1) the time difference between receiving an incoming call and dispatching security personnel, and (2) the time difference between dispatching security personnel and ending the incident.

“We have been intensely focused on building solutions that help people elicit immediate and effective emergency response from nearby resources and have found a perfect fit with campus police and public safety teams on campuses,” says Guardly CEO, Josh Sookman. “I believe that Guardly’s forthcoming innovation pipeline will provide the means to further improve upon these accomplishments, and maintain its focus on helping to protect and save people from harm.”

A major contributing factor that led to this reduction in response time was improved decision-making by dispatchers who used the Guardly Command™ dispatcher console, which provides real-time situational intelligence data that otherwise would not be available to them. Dispatchers used mobile location data, caller identification and profile information (including allergies, medical conditions and medications) as well as phone features in 96% of incidents, and found secure instant messaging and photo sharing to be useful in at least 33% of incidents.

Safe Campus™ supports integration with many of the leading emergency and mass notification systems (EMNS) in the market today, is a crucial component early in a crisis lifecycle and can help campus law enforcement and administrators make faster and more informed decisions during the development of an emergency incident on campus. Guardly helps university and college campuses, corporate campuses and other public safety venues manage risk, reduce liability and develop safer communities.



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