CSG joins the AppConfig Community

CSG joins the AppConfig Community

CSG joins the AppConfig Community

Communication Security Group (CSG) the leader in secure, real-time messaging and encrypted voice/conference calls announced it joined the AppConfig Community. With AppConfig Community best practices implemented, customers can more simply deploy CSG’s Cellcrypt and Seecrypt apps for secure text messaging and phone calls across any enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

With the widespread use of consumer messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) apps within the enterprise, the risks to business communications have never been greater. Business related calls are vulnerable to eavesdropping and employees are increasingly using consumer-messaging platforms to exchange text messages for work purposes. These messages are being exchanged and stored on networks and servers that are completely outside organizations’ visibility and control.

Using CSG’s Cellcrypt or Seecrypt products in conjunction with EMM solutions, such as VMware AirWatch®, organizations can restrict the use of consumer messaging applications while providing secure, real-time instant messaging and voice calls (with conference calling) protected by military-grade, end-to-end encryption.

With crystal-clear voice quality and incredibly low-latency combined with the ease of use of a consumer-focused app, Cellcrypt and Seecrypt can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and requires no user training, enabling fast and easy adoption across the enterprise.

Harvey Boulter, Chairman of CSG said:

“For enterprises, the wide-spread use of consumer based messaging platforms can present a major threat to an organization’s IT security. By joining the AppConfig Community, we can provide a simple and complete solution for enterprises to secure their mobile devices, as well as all of their text and voice communications, while also providing cost savings. With Seecrypt and Cellcrypt we provide the ability to send pictures, video and other attachments - safely, securely and on-demand.”

Mimi Spier, senior director of marketing and strategy, Business Mobility and IoT, VMware said:

“The AppConfig Community is dedicated to streamlining the adoption and deployment of business applications through a standard approach to app configuration and management. We’re excited that CSG is bringing their Cellcrypt and Seecrypt apps to the AppConfig, adding valuable secure text and call technology to the community.”

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