Cryptography trends to be addressed at InfoSecurity Russia 2013

info security russia

info security russia

Cryptography has become one of the hottest topics in computer science. This has also enhanced the interest in secret function evaluation, private information retrieval or searchable encryption in general.

As the goal of the InfoSecurity Russia 2013 is to bring together the leading professionals, researchers and practitioners in the area of computer security the exhibition organizers couldn’t stay away from the subject of cryptography and invited Richard Moulds the strategy vice-president of Thales e-Security to discuss and share the latest findings in the field of cryptography and to exchange ideas that address real-world problems with practical solutions.

Richard Moulds

Richard Moulds

During InfoSecurity Russia 2013 Richard Moulds will present his report with the overview of the results of his eight-year study of global trends in the cryptography using, from laptops to databases, web sites, and cloud solutions. This report will be dedicated to the so-called “line of cryptography”, in which various organizations resolve the problem of information security, focusing on compliance and increase operational flexibility through consistent development. The visitors will be able to analyse the current situation in their companies and to determine the benefits and direction of the line of cryptography.

InfoSecurity Russia’2013 will raise and extend this debate, highlighting both the practical issues involved and specific solutions to them. Our extended business program includes such sectors as:

  • ASC Protection
  • Clouds.Data Storage
  • Personal Data
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Threating 2014
  • Foresight 2020
  • Demo Area: Testing Firewalls
  • Data Forensics
  • Fraud

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Infosecurity Russia 2013

25-27-th September, Moscow,

Crocus Expo, Pavilion 5

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