CryptoFlow® secures Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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CryptoFlow® secures Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - protecting essential networked applications across borders

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), the institution of central public administration which implements Romania’s foreign policy, has deployed Certes Networks’ CryptoFlow™ solutions to protect its essential networked applications and ensure the security of end-to-end data in transit.

Certes Networks’ CryptoFlow® Solutions safeguard data traffic in physical, virtual and Cloud environments. The solutions provide crypto-segmentation to secure connectivity and isolate applications over any infrastructure without compromising network device or application performance.

MoFA needed a data communications protection solution that was flexible and reliable, due to the very sensitive data being used. The Certes’ CryptoFlow deployment provides MoFA with a turnkey security solution for protecting data traffic across Romania’s national network infrastructure as well as external networks connecting consular locations in foreign countries.

With flexible modularity and scalability, the CryptoFlow solution is future-proof, enabling the MoFA technical staff to quickly add new locations or traffic security policies as data protection needs evolve.

MoFA also values the CryptoFlow solution’s centralised management which dramatically simplifies policy creation and enforcement and cryptographic key management and rotation.

The Certes’ solution creates CryptoFlows, secure virtual overlays that permit touchless protection of data traffic over any network. CryptoFlows enable MoFA to protect applications without making changes to network devices or applications.

A letter of recommendation from MoFA commended Eugen Rusen, Technical Director, Certes Networks, on his work in the design and implementation of the project. The letter states that, without the technical expertise of Eugen Rusen, the project would not have been completed with such efficiency and professionalism and with such minimal impact on the network and application performance. Due to completion of the project by Eugen Rusen, MoFA now has a significantly higher level of confidence that the encryption keys cannot be compromised and that data communications are fully protected in all instances.

Commenting on the use of Certes’ CryptoFlow solutions by the Romanian MoFA, Paul German, VP EMEA, Certes Networks says:

“We are thrilled that the Romanian MoFA has chosen to use our CryptoFlow solutions to protect their networked applications. The MoFA network spans the entire globe so having the best security systems in place is critical to the protection of both applications, data and ultimately consulate staff.”

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