CrowdStrike expands eCrime Offerings for Organisations

CrowdStrike expands eCrime Offerings for Organisations

CrowdStrike expands eCrime Offerings for Organisations

CrowdStrike, the leader in cloud-delivered next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence and response services, announced the launch of an expanded set of eCrime offerings to support broader, premium subscription options for Falcon Intelligence customers. The new tiered packages will be available to customers in September.

The tiered packages will allow customers to choose the option that best meets their needs, gain new capabilities and insights into the entire eCrime adversary ecosystem, and orchestrate detection and response options in a more effective manner. In addition, CrowdStrike has revealed a new methodology for tracking malicious eCrime actors. An example of this methodology is presented in a report CrowdStrike has released on the newly identified actor Boson Spider, which details the activities of the group, its ecosystem, and recent activity.

Between January and June of 2016 CrowdStrike Intelligence observed over a 600% increase in ransomware detections via the CrowdStrike Falcon™ Platform. This increase demonstrates the continuing rise of ransomware as an attack of choice for criminal actors. These threats impact enterprises ranging from small to Fortune 100-sized organisations. Dozens of new variants of ransomware emerged during that same time period, each seeking to implement novel features to evade traditional security tools. Defending against these threats requires intelligence and solutions which can operationalise that intelligence.

While ransomware is a critical threat, the distribution of banking trojans such as Dridex also represents a huge threat to organisations. Industries such as the financial and banking sector are facing a constant barrage of attacks that threaten their reputation, customer trust, and assets. With CrowdStrike’s eCrime threat intelligence offerings, customers can better understand the threats they are facing, reduce their spending on incident response, maintain regulatory compliance and drive down overall fraud rates for their business.

CrowdStrike customers with an eCrime subscription can now access automated and integrated eCrime threat intelligence to help combat these threats. They will receive comprehensive analyses of criminal malware, the Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) related to them, and the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by these adversaries. In addition, CrowdStrike offers APIs, feeds, and rules for easy integration with existing infrastructure.

Customers and partners can subscribe to the offerings through the following tiered packages:

• Falcon Intelligence Standard: provides access to IoCs and actor profiles

• Falcon Intelligence Premium comes in three tiers:

• Premium Targeted Intrusion: provides access to IoCs, actor profiles and Targeted Intrusion reports

• Premium eCrime: provides access to IoCs, actor profiles and eCrime reports

• Premium eCrime + Targeted Intrusion: provides access to IoCs, actor profiles and all eCrime and targeted intrusion reports

George Kurtz, CrowdStrike’s co-founder and chief executive officer said:

“CrowdStrike continues to launch new customised offerings that equip customers with the intelligence they need to not only effectively prevent, detect, and respond to threats on a daily basis, but also to establish more informed long-term security strategies. The new eCrime packages support the needs of a growing segment of customers, encountering new threats in the face of rising eCrime threat actors. Providing new subscription tiers and integrated intelligence in the Falcon platform is another step we are taking towards making government-quality threat intelligence simple, effective, and most importantly, accessible for all customers.”

Adam Meyers, vice president of Intelligence at CrowdStrike said:

“We’ve seen compelling evidence of eCrime actors gaining a strong foothold across many industries and affecting organisations of all sizes and in virtually every vertical. Building on previous security research and tracking, we now have expanded our eCrime resources to track its complex global ecosystem, allowing us to be the top source of intelligence on those actors, their tactics, techniques, and procedures.”

“Intelligence awareness continues to move across the security technology landscape in a way that is enriching every security product with greater threat telemetry and context and will be capable of providing us the automated and responsive architectures of the future. Organisations that are beginning to leverage threat intelligence feeds are also evolving their security programs to incorporate threat intelligence feeds and tools into their security operations and incident response teams and processes, primarily as an aid to investigations and incident triage,” according to Gartner’s report, entitled “Intelligent and Automated Security Controls Impact the Future of the Security Market.”

More information about CrowdStrike’s new eCrime offerings can be found at this blog.

This eCrime announcement is made in conjunction with CrowdStrike’s announcement of its Falcon Platform Summer release, details of which can be found here.

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