Criminal law firm adopts SIP Encrypt from

Following the increased risk of phone hackers who specialise in stealing sensitive information and identities via untraceable cyber attacks on VOIP telephony solutions, leading Thames Valley law firm, Reeds, has taken a forward thinking approach to data security by adopting SIP Encrypt from

Reeds Solicitors deals with every type of criminal case from high-profile murders through to straight-forward road traffic offences. They have a strong and successful Family Law department dealing with both legal aid and private work, and most recently they have opened Immigration department, becoming one of the only firms in the Thames Valley to offer this service for individual and business needs.

Jan Matthews, Managing Director of Reeds Solicitors explains: “With expansion of our services and nine offices located across the South of the country, we have seen a significant increase in the amount of confidential and sensitive information handled by employees on a daily basis. It would clearly be detrimental if some of our sensitive data fell into the hands of cyber criminals hence why we have invested in the very best telephony security, which also provides us with a cost-effective, scaleable solution to support our continued business growth.”

Like many businesses across the UK, Reeds Solicitors previously had a traditional analogue phone system. Following expansion into additional regions, an opportunity was identified to centralise their phone system by embracing VoIP technology to reduce costs and future proof business growth with phone security remaining a key concern.

Radon Networks, the firm’s technology partner since 2007, conducted a thorough review of VoIP suppliers and their technology before recommending telecommunications specialist and supplier

Anj Latif, IT Consultant, Radon Networks, explains: “ were chosen based on core criteria of being cost effective in addition to offering a full Payment Card Industry compliant solution called SIP Encrypt. Reeds Solicitors now also have the ability to easily open an office anywhere in the UK without the need of installing a costly traditional phone line.”

The SIP Encrypt service is currently the only solution available to offer completely secure VoIP calls and has been recognised for its advanced technology by the industry’s Security Excellence Awards, the first telephony company to become a finalist.

Adam Crisp, Chief Technology Officer of, explains: “The majority of VoIP traffic over the Internet is unencrypted making it at risk from the possibility of eavesdropping. It is therefore vital that businesses take measures to ensure they are protected.”

Radon Networks has installed a dedicated secure SIP ‘Safe Gateway’ from The new telephone system provides Reeds Solicitors with free encrypted calls between offices and is also compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to enable the firm to accept secure card payments over the phone from clients.

Anj Latif, IT Consultant for Radon Networks, continues: “Reeds are undoubtedly a forward thinking firm that has embraced the latest IT and telecommunications technology for the benefit of their business and clients. Upon highlighting the possible vulnerability of VoIP technology, we were immediately instructed to provide Reeds with the most secure and compliant solution available as security is of paramount importance to the firm.”

Reeds Solicitors is embracing new technologies as well as benefitting from significant cost savings and greater flexibility to accommodate the firm’s five-year growth plan, which includes opening additional offices this year.

Jan Matthews, Managing Director of Reeds Solicitors, explains: “In addition to ensuring our phone system is completely compliant and safe, it was also important for us to have a unified phone system to create seamless communication between our nine different offices with a singular bill for all sites. An added bonus is a 50% cost saving in the first year and beyond with the ability to quickly increase our telephone capacity should we decide to open a new office.”

Radon Networks has an established relationship with Reeds Solicitors and has been a Premier Partner of for five years.

Adam Crisp of concludes: “Radon Networks combine strong technical skills with a track record of working closely with the client to understand their business needs. This has been clearly demonstrated in their work with Reeds Solicitors and we look forward to continuing to support them as the firm grows.”

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