Crimestoppers Wales launches three-year project to tackle crime through sport

crimestoppers-logo2The independent charity Crimestoppers Wales has joined forces with Cardiff City Football Club on a new initiative to tackle crime through sport.

The new three-year project was launched at the Premier League club’s first home match of the season against Manchester City. Cardiff City also donated £25,000 to Crimestoppers as part of the club’s ‘Thanks a Million’ campaign.

The project aims to combat a growing trend of criminals targeting sports equipment, playing venues and club premises. Crimestoppers is calling on national governing bodies and professional sports outfits in Wales to get involved and support the project through sport.

It hopes to encourage all people involved in sport – including participants, officials, coaches, administrators and spectators – to contact Crimestoppers if they have any information regarding criminal behaviour.

Crimestoppers chief executive Mick Laura said: “As part of the support through sport, Crimestoppers is delighted that Cardiff City Football Club has joined the crime fighting team at Crimestoppers.”

Julian Jenkins, commercial director at Cardiff City Football Club, said: “We are delighted to assist Crimestoppers in their objectives of helping the community in reducing the fear of crime and arresting those responsible for committing crime in our community.

“This initiative complements our strategy as a club of involving the whole community, particularly our young fans who have responded so well to what we are all seeking to achieve.”

The project was also boosted by a donation from the fund of the late former Daily Express chief crime reporter Percy Hoskins. After his death a fund in his memory was set up to be used for crime-fighting projects and Crimestoppers Wales is the latest recipient.

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