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Christian Ringler

By Christian Ringler, Sales Director, DACH, Middle East & Africa, Milestone Systems.


Worldwide, we generate hours of digital safety video every second. The trend is to add even more data from other sources with the intention to improve the situational awareness. However, all these digital data are becoming a tsunami of data making it more and more difficult to get a clear situational overview for any human.


At the same time demands for safety and smart business video systems are rising. The only way to handle all the visual data is to be cleverer and get help from intelligent video management systems (VMS) that enable the operators to take better decisions faster. On the technical side this means deploying hardware acceleration and cognitive systems to spot issues faster, foresee incidents and predict trends.

The ability to react faster to any incident will limit the impact and the cost of handling the incident. The ability to avoid the incident thanks to predictive abilities, would be even better.


We are on the edge of disruption


In every field of business there comes a time of disruption. In video safety systems this time is now. We have moved from analogue video, tape recorder style, to digital networked video enabling the use of video as data. Soon we are entering the age of intelligent video systems.


Today, we simply take a look at the video and make a judgment, maybe aided by video analytics. This aid could be from simple motion detection alerting an operator to activity in an area, to sophisticated heat mapping in retail stores. But it all centers on the operator, who is rapidly becoming a bottleneck in this workflow. We need to scale.

Much of this data will be generated from digital video to keep us safe and protect assets. Big question is, how do we handle all this data smartly, safely and intelligently to help us make efficient decisions?


The only way to do this is to increase the intelligence in the video systems. Intelligent learning technologies are now bringing video content analysis and advancing video content analysis far beyond the capabilities of legacy rule-based analytics systems. Today, rather than just evaluate a few pre-defined situations, cognitive video content analysis technology can learn directly from the video about object and their relations and normal behavior. This gives the ability to intelligently Identify objects and situations in a given situation. The system will be able to understand what’s normal behavior and alert the operator to unusual activities, leading to predictive systems in the future.


The next steps are steps we take together


This step into the world of intelligent video is not a step any VMS manufacturer can take alone. There is a need for highly specialized knowledge, and new specialized services.  This can only be achieved in a community context. For us there is no doubt that the Milestone community of alliance partners will bring the needed functionality, devices and infrastructure to boost intelligent video solutions. This will give our integration partners new possibilities for delivering innovative solutions for our joint customers.


“Milestone’s open platform technology will be the foundation for intelligent video systems, and the Milestone community will be the force behind this. At Intersec 2018, we’ll be discussing trends and technologies and how Milestone and community can create an intelligent world for the benefit of our joint customers.”  Says Christian Ringler. “We are entering a new phase in the evolution of business video. The Milestone community is leading this evolution, confirming that true open platform is the only way to an informed future.”


Learn more at Christian Ringler’s Intersec Keynote presentation: “Hardware accelerated video content analysis and the Internet of Things – how this works for surveillance”.


“Intersec is one of the most important security events for Milestone in EMEA. Milestone has participated at Intersec since 2008 and our team is looking forward to celebrating this Intersec anniversary alongside a number of key partners in the region,” Ringler adds.


The Milestone team is looking forward to welcoming you to the Milestone Stand in Saeed Hall 1 – H28. Here Milestone will be highlighting the latest solutions based on open platform technology and showcase new, cutting edge propositions from the Milestone partner community.

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