How do you create value?

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Think about a brand, or a product you use every day – why is it your favourite? Why do you keep going back? What is it that this business delivers compared to others?

The actual product you love probably doesn’t have more features than another leading brands. And yet somehow, this brand or business specifically continues to give you at least one reason to stay faithful.

Now try this.…pick one cafe, app or store that you wouldn’t want to live without and make a list of the reasons why.

Taking this all into account, now stand in your customer’s shoes – why do your customer’s stay loyal to you, when really it’s likely they could pick up a similar product elsewhere. Why do you think you are their favourite brand in the hugely competitive marketplace?

How are you creating value beyond components, products, features and benefits that your competitors could copy tomorrow? Your competitive advantage may not be as limited as you imagine.

And further your real competitive advantage is unique to you – your story if you will – and it’s one you’re proud to share if someone asks you, but you’ve never really thought to put down in print, on a website, on social media.

Your story is content aplenty for a series of blog posts that can use social media like word of mouth on speed to share your vision and competitive advantage. And case studies, press releases and features with dedicated industry titles such as Security News Desk can promote your expertise.

Content marketing can tell your story with character and still make the point effectively, using all the media opportunities available to security.

So why not be proud to share why your company is a favourite brand for your customers, it’s a more powerful story and lead generation tool than you think.

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