CRAS Systems brings video security and surveillance health monitoring to the cloud

CRAS Systems is introducing CRAS Essential. CRAS Essential is the first solution that brings the critical task of monitoring and managing the health of (IP) Video Security and Surveillance Systems to the cloud. CRAS Essential is easy to activate on any video security or surveillance system.

With the introduction of CRAS Essential monitoring the health from (IP) Video Security Devices like IP Camera’s, Video Encoders and Video Management systems is in anyone’s reach.

  • CRAS Essential offers health monitoring for an unlimited number of (remote) locations and devices like IP Camera’s, Video Encoders or NVR’s. CRAS supports all major brands like IQinVision, Axis Communications, Arecont Vision, Sony, Samsung, Dahua, Hikvision, and Basler.
  • CRAS helps you avoid losing critical and unique video data caused by system and device failures. Receive real-time notifications of critical security system errors and device health status updates via E-Mail or SMS.
  • CRAS Essential “Pay as you go” is our extremely flexible and cost effective pricing plan.  Pay as you go gives you full freedom and flexibility in managing and monitoring the Health of You Video Security and Surveillance Network.
  • CRAS offers Historical Data from all of your monitored locations and devices. Take a proactive approach to the maintenance of your, or your client’s, (IP) video security and surveillance system. Receive daily, weekly, monthly reports telling you more about the operation of your security systems. Plan upgrades of your system according to this historical data.
  • CRAS is a cloud service, we take care of upgrades and new features. As user you will never have to upgrade software. No extra on-site hardware required for our one time install collector, that runs on most nvr (windows os) systems and needs no updates. You can access your data and information via any device and from anywhere.

If you want to learn more about CRAS Essential, go to or take the forward approach and create a CRAS Account today, click here.


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