Covata deploy encrypted file sharing for Barmer GEK

Covata deploy encrypted file sharing for Barmer GEK

Covata deploy encrypted file sharing for Barmer GEK with T-Systems

German health insurer leverages Safe Share, Covata’s end-to-end encrypted data-centric cloud sharing solution, to enable high-security data exchange.

Covata Limited, an industry leader in data centric security, announced that through its strategic partnership with T-Systems, the enterprise focused subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, the company will deploy Safe Share, its highly secure file-sharing solution, to protect sensitive data for German health insurance company, Barmer GEK. Safe Share will run in an accredited high-security data centre operated by T Systems in Germany. Together T-Systems and Covata provide easy-to-use file sharing based on enterprise grade security architecture to meet the demands of Barmer GEK’s data security needs.

Last year, T-Systems announced it would build a technical network to connect Barmer GEK with its partners based on the T-System’s secure infrastructure. As part of this contract, Barmer GEK has opted to leverage Covata’s Safe Share solution for highly secure file-sharing between internal and external stakeholders, such as their mobile sales force, customers and suppliers. Covata Safe Share, hosted on highly secure T Systems infrastructure, was selected for its ability to provide end-to-end encryption, high levels of flexibility, usability and the ability to securely share large and classified data with more than 50 GB file size.

“T-Systems is committed to not only providing our customers with the best network infrastructure, but provisioning them with leading cloud applications from our carefully selected vendor network,” T-Systems SVP of Cloud Apps Frank Streker said.

“Covata Safe Share is the blue print for the way businesses should securely store and share data in the cloud.”

“The digitisation of our business processes is a core element for improving customer service and strengthening our competitiveness,” said Mr. Frank Löhler, Teamleader Mobility & Mobile Strategy BARMER GEK.

“Barmer GEK prides itself on its exceptional service, and this extends behind the scenes to how we protect the valuable personal data we receive from our community. Partnering with Covata and T-Systems will allow us to further strengthen our approach to data security.”

“Time and time again we’ve seen employees introduce immense risk into the enterprise by using consumer grade file sharing and collaboration tools that do not provide any significant level of data protection or security protocols,” said Trent Telford, CEO of Covata.

“For an enterprise customer, these risks could ultimately result in the compromise of millions of records or other pieces of sensitive data. By using Safe Share, German enterprises will have access to an easy-to-use platform that will enable the company to maintain full control over their data, including knowing where their data is stored.”

The partnership between Covata and T Systems offers CIOs a service that meets the needs for ease-of-use, high security and availability, while fulfilling compliance rules making it the best alternative to free consumer grade offerings. Covata combines three core components for secure data management: Identity protection, real-time control of data and encryption. The software hosted on the T Systems cloud operates from a German data centre, allowing businesses to remain compliant with strict German guidelines for data privacy and data security, while T-Systems maintains customer relationship management, providing support for users who have questions.

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