Counter Terror Expo to showcase solutions to terror threats

The event comes at a time when the threat from terrorism across much of the world is at heightened levels. As the threats have increased and mutated, so the responses of countries, government agencies, and non-government actors have had to change almost beyond all recognition.

CTX is expected to attract thousands of buyers and specifiers from government, military, policing, emergency services and private security. Mitigating terror threats is an international issue and the CTX exhibition will be a global gathering with visitors expected from over 100 countries. Over 300 suppliers, from leading UK and international primes to specialist SMEs will be exhibiting their latest technology and equipment for law enforcement and security personnel. The next edition of CTX will see the exhibition floor divided into four key zones, each reflecting a vital element to the safety of a nation. These include: Policing & Special Operations; Advanced Technologies; Transport Security Live; and Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Visitors to the Policing & Special Ops Zone will have an opportunity to see the latest in counter terror training from Caliber-3. Based in Jerusalem, Israel, the company is fully certified by the Israeli Defence Forces, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Defence, Police Forces, Ministry of Homeland Security, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among Caliber-3’s list of clients are SWAT teams from all over the world and large private and public companies, law enforcement agencies, global security agencies and private companies.

Col. Sharon Gat CEO and Founder of Caliber-3 said, “We have very motivated enemies who attack civilians in cities. We cannot wait for them to come and we have to be prepared. We take our job very seriously as people’s lives are at risk. The values behind Caliber-3 lie behind the human factor of the soldier or security guard as they consider people to be the most important factor when it comes to professionalism. The reason why Caliber-3 cadre were all soldiers in Special Operations units and continue to serve actively in their respective IDF reserve units, making the training that Caliber-3 instructors provide combat tested and cutting-edge”.

Making its CTX debut is Green Light Ltd, a London-based aviation security training and consultancy company which offers training courses and seminars on behavioural analysis. Green Light also conducts full scale training exercises for airline staff to prepare for hijackings and unruly passenger management.

“[Green Light has] attended CTX as visitors for many years,” said Philip Baum, the company’s Managing Director, “and we realised that our services may have been traditionally targeted at the aviation industry, but the application of common-sense should be embraced by all those who genuinely want a risk-based, outcomes-focussed approach to security”.

While technology undoubtedly plays a crucial role in the detection of terrorist threats, the equipment alone cannot provide a comprehensive solution. As Baum illustrates, “consider the terrorist with an internally concealed device. No archway metal detector is going to identify the threat; it’s down to the security professional to recognise a deviation from baseline behaviour. Green Light training provides these vital skill sets for upholding national security”.

Advanced Laser Imaging (ALI) produces 3D Situational Awareness equipment and software. An understanding of a physical location is key to the preparedness, planning and the ability to respond effectively in Counter Terror (CT) operations. ALI’s 3D laser scanning equipment and the software generate detailed, accurate, fully immersive and navigable real life 3D versions of towns, cities, shopping centres, offices, stadiums, airports, or other key locations – interiors and exteriors – for personal computers.

Paul Snudden, CEO at ALI, said “This has got to be the norm for any resilience and CT programme – it had proven to dramatically improve preparedness and response capability in live and test operations – we look forward to contributing to the resilience of the cities and countries around the world”.

3DX-Ray Ltd is a British designer and manufacturer of x-ray inspection systems for the security market whose range includes portable, conveyor and vehicle scanning equipment. At CTX the company will be releasing the lightweight ThreatScan-LS1 panel which is the only detector on the market that can scan to less than 3mm from the ground. 3DX-Ray’s newest product, the K-120 will also be on show.

Internal Sales Account Manager, Kim Walker said, “As a UK manufacturer we are delighted to be able to announce the release of our new portable products at … Counter Terror. We will be showcasing the complete range of our portable equipment which covers all user requirements in this market space. Counter Terror Expo is the ideal venue to enable our global client base to come and view the entire range in one place and evaluate the latest released products.

ICOR, which designs and manufactures EOD and SWAT robots, will use CTX to showcase its flagship EOD Robot. Known as the MK3 CALIBER, the technology is used as the National Training standard for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s (RCMP) Explosive Training Unit; and distributed internationally through the US Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance program.

Hidden Technology Systems International (HTSI) is a specialist developer and manufacturer of covert tracking systems, surveillance devices and related security products. An exhibitor at CTX, the company’s products range from in-vehicle tracking hardware for monitoring of vehicle activity, quick deployment magnetic devices for law enforcement usage, personal units for VIP protection, and discreet devices for covert tracking.

David Thompson, CTX Event Manager said, “The role of training, equipment and technology are inevitably increasing in importance as the global terror threat perseveres. The work done by our domestic security services is admirable and it is vital that we continue to support them with the most effective, efficient and innovative tools from companies around the world. CTX is at the forefront of the effort, showcasing the latest technology, equipment, and training services which will strongly assist our anti-terror services both here in the UK and abroad”.

Counter Terror Expo 2015 will take place at London’s Olympia on 21-22 April 2015.


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