Counter Terror Expo confirms 2013 conference programme

Counter Terror Expo 2013
Counter Terror Expo 2013

Counter Terror Expo 2013

Four major symposia deliver a wealth of strategic and operationally critical real world knowledge vital in countering the international terrorism menace

Counter Terror Expo reconvenes at the Olympia Exhibition & Conference Centre in on 24-25 April 2013 against a backdrop of continued strife across various many parts of the globe.

This critically acclaimed annual event brings the world’s leading counter terrorism experts together with professionals across the domain space, to help define operational strategies to contain the terrorist threat often spawned by such strife.

Counter Terror Expo‘s conference programme has been developed to bring focus on the key issues and mitigation methodology.

Borne out of extensive and continuous threat analysis, each symposium delivers an accurate portrayal of the current threat trajectory, delivering real world operationally workable solutions.

The annual Global Counter Terrorism conference will sit alongside principal symposia focused upon Critical National Infrastructure and Protecting Crowded Places as well as Cyber Security & Electronic Terrorism in 2013.

An extensive programme of knowledge centric technology Workshops delivers highly valued practical learning, with the entirety supported by perhaps the world’s biggest Exhibition of counter terrorism hardware and software solutions.

The inevitable focus of our annual Global Counter Terrorism conference will be upon the fallout from the Arab Spring, the lingering civil conflict in Syria and its impact on near neighbours, the resurgence of extremism in North and Sub Saharan Africa and the continuing issue of youth radicalisation.

The centrepiece Global Counter Terrorism conference will also deliver a broad overview of the threat from terrorism at the national, regional and global level, as well as presenting practical countermeasures to keep the vast majority of citizens safe in an increasingly hostile environment.

Critical National Infrastructure remains a potent target for those who wish to wrought inflict economic damage on a vast scale at the national level. Energy, transport, banking, utilities, health and logistics infrastructure remains at risk across large parts of the globe.

The economic wellbeing of nations is built upon the ready availability of heat, light, water, food and very many other consumables. The highly important Critical National Infrastructure conference hones in on the anti terrorism measures required across industries responsible for delivering the means with which to continue our daily lives uninterrupted.

People gather daily in a great many disparate locations and our Protecting Crowded Places conference delivers specific guidance on the threats faced and countermeasures required, in a built environment encompassing transportation hubs, large scale retail outlets, sporting and event arenas and other relevant spaces.

Counter terrorism and security professionals within responsible for the Protecting Crowded Places will discover the range of threats and hazards across the domain space, as well as the very many potential issues related to effective countermeasures in a design led environment.

Cyber Security & Electronic Terrorism is a potent threat trajectory, which expands exponentially alongside explosive growth in demand for voice and data communication in the office, on the road and at home. Secure communication across all transport mechanisms remains a key issue globally and tasks minds amongst government and industry cyber security experts.

Our forthcoming Cyber Security & Electronic Terrorism conference reflects growing cyber warfare issues, the requirement for secure communication in the corporate world, accurate data needs in the financial sector and security in an increasingly diverse online retailing environment.

The forthcoming Counter Terror Expo‘s conference programme delivers comprehensive analysis, detailed insight and real life solutions across the entire range of threats faced in the modern world.



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