Cortech launches Datalog 5, Security Management Suite for Windows 7

Cortech Development Datalog 5

Cortech Development Datalog 5

Cortech Development Datalog 5

New operating platform on Windows 7 allows organisations to integrate their building, fire and security control technology into a single, easy to operate, integrated solution.

Leading software developer of Integrated Building, Fire & Security Management Solutions – Cortech Developments – announces the launch of Datalog 5 for Windows 7. The new solution is the culmination of an intensive development process and is considered a major release by the company. It will not only provide customers with an integrated solution for managing their security systems which is easy to use, it will also give users a wealth of new features/functionality.

Mark Thomas, Sales Director at Cortech Developments says, “We have put great emphasis on an enhanced, more intuitive, user interface thus making it easier for control room operators and managers to work with Datalog 5. Many of our customers need to combine integration of Building, Fire and Security operations for multiple sites into a central management suite whilst still being able to  monitor and manage each sub system such as Access Control, Perimeter & Intruder Sensors, Intercoms, CCTV cameras & DVRs, Radio Paging, Building Alarms  and more, straight from the system.  It is therefore essential for users to have a fast overview with an easy-to-operate Graphical User Interface (GUI) thus ensuring that incident response time is absolutely minimal. Colour graphics provide clear and concise location reporting, hence eliminating the need for extensive operator training. The management system can further be configured to automatically respond to events, even when the operator is away from the system. Navigation around the system is simplified by pointing or clicking on the graphical display to zoom IN or OUT of a building, area or floor plan. The system also allows for ‘USER’ set up and configuration PORTALS which can either be outlined, shaded or invisible. Outside of that, there is a whole range of additional features /functionality all designed to make life easier and more efficient for the users.”

Cortech Developments is an independent software development company with two decades of experience in supplying sophisticated Integrated Building, Fire & Security Management Systems. More than 1400 installations throughout the UK and abroad is testament to the wide acceptance of the company’s technology as an integral and critical feature of modern day high security environments. Datalog 5 integrates seamlessly with a large number of manufacturer’s equipment and new drivers are added on a regular basis as new products are released, such as; CCTV cameras, DVRs,  Access Control, Intruder & Fire Alarms, Intercoms & Cell Call, Radio Paging etc. This has resulted in Cortech reaching a market leading position often designated as a preferred supplier for critical security applications.  Cortech have prestigious reference sites in many key sectors including Government, Utilities, Custodial, Aviation, Healthcare, Education, Media and many more.

The official launch date for Datalog 5 for Windows 7 is scheduled for July 1 2011. Prior to that, Cortech Developments is running a series of customer facing roadshows.

About Cortech Developments
Established in 1992, Cortech Developments is a leading provider of software integration solutions for building, fire and security systems.  The company has a proven track record in delivering software development and integrated system solutions for high security environments and critical infrastructure, enabling organisations to reduce operational costs and enhance operational efficiency.  The DATALOG SMS is the Company’s core product, a modular based software suite that has been developed as a single or multi user Graphical User Interface providing local and remote site monitoring and control for a number of prestigious sites.  Datalog integrates with a wide range of control equipment including CCTV, Intruder, Fire, Access, Perimeter, Intercom, Staff Safety, Building Alarms and Cell Call. Cortech’s solutions are deployed in 24 countries in key sectors such as Government, Military, Prisons, Police, Custodial, Utilities, Transport, Healthcare, Education, Finance and more.

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