Corps Security use Sentinel monitors in its CMC

Corp Security's CMC

Corp Security's CMC

Corps Security has once again demonstrated its commitment to only working with best in class technology providers, by announcing the installation and use of Monitor Computer Systems’ market leading Sentinel Plus software in the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC).

Since 1984 Monitor Computer Systems has established itself as the leading supplier of alarm monitoring software in the UK and its Sentinel Plus suite has become one of the most popular products of its kind. It decodes signals into standard format, providing a single integrated platform for the monitoring of alarm panels, video systems, environmental detectors, GPS tracking and lone worker devices.

‘Sentinel Plus is now in its fourth generation and combines simplicity of use with the flexibility to manage any alarm signalling system,’ explained Michael Askew, managing director of Monitor Computer Systems. ‘One of the reasons for its success is its ability to manage multiple area alarm panels, including remote control and multiple transmission paths. Its intuitive platform also makes the life of monitoring centre operatives as simple and error free as possible.’

Corps Security has completed the installation of Sentinel Plus in its state-of-the-art CMC – a purpose built facility that is recognised as one of the most modern and truly independent third-party alarm receiving centres in the UK.

‘Sentinel Plus provides us with a mature, stable and comprehensive suite of software’, said Corps Security’s Bill MacGregor. ‘What’s more the addition of this product completes our suite of signalling software at the CMC which means we can provide installers with a solution to any of their monitoring requirements – from intruder & access through to fire and lone worker protection’.


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