Corps Security celebrates success of Corps Partnership Programme


Corps Security has called on more integrators and manufacturers to reap the benefits of its Corps Partnership Programme, after hailing the phenomenal success of the service.

One of the industry’s major success stories of recent years, the Corps Partnership Programme is designed to drive new business activity around the use of the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC), the Glasgow based facility that provides alarm receiving and surveillance system monitoring services to customers in a diverse range of market sectors.

Based around a system of referrals, the CMC can recommend particular products, systems and technologies, as well integrators to specify and install them. At the same time members recommend the use of the CMC to any of their customers and associates that wish to take advantage of industry leading remote monitoring services.

In the 18 months since it was first launched, the Corps Partnership Programme has attracted the interest of some of the industry’s most well-known and respected vendors such as Avigilon and Xtralis. At the same time, integrators including REMAS, VtecZoom, Universal Fire & Security, Alert Systems and Keyways have been awarded valuable referrals.

Open to companies in all sectors of the industry, subject to passing qualifying criteria, Corps Security is actively encouraging more organisations from the UK and Ireland to join.

As part of this process it is setting up a series of open days, where interested parties can visit the CMC and see for themselves why it is now firmly established as one of the leading facilities of its kind. They will also get the chance to talk about the Corps Partnership Programme and how, through its manned guarding division, the company can offer a comprehensive solution that fully utilises physical and electronic security.

‘Although it started off as a fairly informal way for the CMC and the companies we are involved with to work more closely together for our mutual benefit, and that of our customers, the Corps Partnership Programme has evolved into a unique and highly successful platform for driving up new business in tough economic conditions,’ said Eric Roberts, CMC business development director.

‘The financial value of the business that we have passed on to our integration partners alone speaks volumes about its effectiveness and I would like to invite any interested companies to contact us to find out more about how they can experience the rewards of membership and contribute to the scheme’s on-going success.’

For further information please contact Corps Security on 0800 0286 303 or E: –

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