COP Security provides free remote DVR set up with Smartphone access

COP Security, the premier trade-only CCTV distributor, helps customers set up network access on its DVRs remotely and for free.

Mark Ogden, technical support manager at COP Security explains the process, “When installers have completed the CCTV system installation they connect the DVR to a network router on-site using an Ethernet cable. They then connect a PC to the same router and open our website,, on the PC. We ask them to click the “support” button on the website to open a window prompting them for a PIN number, which we issue by phone. Once the PIN is entered, specialist software allows our Technical Support team to access the site PC and take control remotely. The installer will see the cursor moving on-screen whilst we update the router settings. Once completed, we log-off the site PC and hand back control.”

COP Security has operated this service as part of its Advantage Plus package for over 12 months. “Set up is much quicker using our remote desktop software and talking installers through the process, rather than trying to carry out the whole procedure by phone call alone. Three minutes is our quickest set up, however, five to ten minutes is average. Our customers learn quickly, and once we have helped set up a few of their DVR’s, they soon become comfortable with the process.”

During the set up process we can also help the installer set up remote viewing via their client’s smartphone. We also use the same log-in service to offer installers remote DVR inspections and diagnostics.

Cop Security’s Advantage Plus service package applies to all products sold. This includes DVR set up, 99.9% stock availability, a three year warranty on products with one year advanced replacement, 30 day money back guarantee and full technical support.

COP Security is more than just a distributor.


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