Not just another imported DVR

The Inspire Blue range of DVR’s from COP Security is far superior to its competition. It is not just another range bought from an overseas supplier and badged for the UK market.

The DVRs have been developed by our team in the UK, from initial concept through to the design of the case and method of operation. One of the key aspects the UK team worked on was the operating system, to ensure the Blue range is built for real applications, with the features and performance UK installer’s demand. The Inspire Blue range has been specifically designed to be simple and easy to use and will provide no unnecessary demand on the installer or operator.

Not only are the DVR’s designed in the UK but the entire range is also manufactured in-house at our UK facility. Manufacturing in the UK allows the quality to be closely controlled. Key components, like the specialised Western Digital AV hard drives, are purchased direct from UK suppliers. Our commitment to the reliability of the range does not stop there; all DVR’s are soak-tested for at least one week, complete with hard drives, before dispatch.

The 4, 8 and 16 channel Inspire Blue DVRs come in standard or plus models. They are a fast, reliable, out-of-box solution for applications ranging from small domestic systems to large commercial sites. H.264 compression technology ensures efficient storage; playback options include CIF, 2CIF or D1 resolutions and the recording rate is up to 400fps. On-board storage can be up to 6TB and a USB port allows for external backup options.

The Plus model also includes a DVD-RW, three independent, fully programmable, monitor outputs, HDMI connection and two-way audio on all channels to listen into a site and send back audible warnings or instructions.

Mark Ogden, technical support manager at COP Security explains, “Great care has been taken to ensure the operating system is easy to use. Features include motion detection, scheduling, alarm inputs and relay outputs and full connectivity to smartphones for real time viewing. If an alarm is triggered, an event snapshot can be emailed to the operator and the alarmed video channel switched to full-screen mode.

“The Blue range has full, network operation and includes a Windows-based, free, Central Management Software. This enables multiple sites to be monitored simultaneously from a remote PC. Operators can also switch lights on and off, open gates and trigger external alarms remotely.”

All COP Security products come with the Advantage Plus service which includes 99.9% stock availability, a 3 year warranty and 1 year advance replacement and a 30 day money back guarantee. Full technical support covers free, remote DVR set up of on-site routers and remote Smartphone viewing.

COP Security is more than just a distributor.


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