COP Launches 128 & 256-channel IP NVRs

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COP launches 128 & 256-channel IP NVRs utilising high-performance WD Re hard drives

COP Security, the professional trade only CCTV security products distributor has advanced their continual partnership with Western Digital, using WD’s new high-performance Re hard drives in their latest Nexus IP NVRs.

Designed to fulfill the control and recording needs of larger installations, the new Nexus 128 & 256-channel IP NVRs utilise WDs Re hard drives to offer flexible and scalable high-quality recording, with storage capacities up to 64Tb and 96Tb respectively. With performance encompassing 1080p real-time recording, up to 8 Megapixel recording resolution and 512Mbps incoming bandwidth, the new Nexus IP NVRs provide larger installations with the ultimate in top-end performance and functionality.

Offering advanced flexibility, the NVRs include 1 VGA output, 2 HDMI outputs, plus expansion spaces for video walls. Up to 6 screens and a front panel monitor can be deployed for multiple display operability using additional HDMI video cards. ONVIF compatibility, support of multi-brand IP cameras, a Smart Search facility and the supply of free CMS software all add up to create a powerful IP NVR package.

Chosen by COP for their ability to handle heavy application workloads whilst delivering durability and reliability, the WD Re hard drives feature the highest error tolerance and MTBF of any capacity-optimised HDD available. Further more, offering users peace of mind, WD puts its datacentre HDD products through extensive Functional Integrity Testing (F.I.T), prior to release of the product. This exacting testing ensures its products consistently meet the high-quality and reliability standards demanded by the WD brand for datacentre storage/surveillance specific HDD applications.

“COPs new Nexus IP NVRs have been specifically engineered to provide optimal results when used in surveillance image storage applications, delivering improved HD video playback within the demands of large scale 24×7 applications,” says Gareth Rhodes, COP Security’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “With up to 1.4 million hours MTBF, the high-performance Re drives used in these IP NVRs delivers the durability we were looking for to enable the highest level of reliability and operation. As with all COP products, the new high-capacity Nexus IP NVR’s are backed by our extensive warranty and support package.”

Details of the new Nexus 128 & 256-channel IP NVRs can be found in the latest COP catalogue or by visiting

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