Conway’s CCTV installed at high security correctional facility in Australia

Prison yard
Prison yard

Prison yard

UK-based manufacturer Conway Security Products have supplied a large number of their custodial corner-mounted cameras as part of a refurbishment and updating project at a high-security correctional facility in New South Wales.

The project called for Conway’s CM230IR, the standard corner-mounted camera, plus the external CM230IR-EX which has been fitted in the individual exercise yards attached to each high-security cell.

Both the CM230IR and CM230IR-EX feature a day/night camera with a wide-angle lens which delivers exceptional room coverage, minimising any chance of blind spots.

Conway supplied the units through their Australian partner Techniche Security & Surveillance. Lee Evans, Techniche’s Managing Director, said: “The fact that Conway produce all their units entirely at their own manufacturing base means they can be extremely responsive to specific requirements on major applications such as this one.  It was important that Conway were able to supply the second unit [the CM230IR-EX ] with a higher level of environmental protection so that the unit could be used externally. ”

Lee continued: “By having a common core in terms of the optical components for these two units, the stockholding of spares is simplified. The Conway cameras score highly in terms of ease and speed of installation which are crucial at a prison where disruption to regular activities and engineers’ time on site must be minimised.”

The flush-mounted front fascia of the CM230IR described here minimises the risk of the unit being used as a ligature point, a crucial consideration in the custodial sector. In addition to this prison application, the cameras are also being used at juvenile detention centres, custody suites, police premises and immigration detention centres throughout the UK and in Europe.

The inclusion of energy-efficient 940nm IR LED illumination ensures that the camera can deliver high-quality pictures regardless of lighting conditions. 940nm IR is invisible to the naked eye, making it highly discreet.  Observation of cell occupants who may be in a distressed state can continue for their own protection under dimmed lighting or even in complete darkness. An optional integrated microphone can provide audio monitoring.

Sydney-based Techniche provide integrated building management and security-related systems throughout Australia. The company has wide-ranging expertise and products to call on and is able to offer consultative advice, system design and implementation in all aspects of physical security.


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