Control room furniture manufacturer Winsted strengthens Business Development team

Darren Allen
Winsted - Darren Allen

Winsted - Darren Allen

Leading control room furniture manufacturer Winsted Ltd has significantly boosted its frontline customer sales and development support with the appointment of Darren Allen. Darren joins Winsted’s EMEA Business Development team in a newly created role and will be helping to look after the company’s fast expanding customer base, which covers the UK, Europe and Middle East markets.

With a wide ranging 25-year sales, marketing and business development background, Darren’s more recent experience has included security, fire and other protection-related activities in the healthcare industry – all of which he’ll be able to offer Winsted’s rapidly growing number of clients in a variety of market sectors.

Commenting on the decision to recruit Darren, Winsted’s EMEA General Manager, Terry Shough, explains that Winsted is reacting to its steadily increasing volume of enquiries and sales orders and ensuring this demand is adequately met. “The rising popularity of our equipment means we are investing in increased support to handle our expanding order books and maintain the high standard of Winsted’s frontline customer support in the long-term,” he says.

“Darren is joining Winsted at an important time as we also prepare to launch a range of new control room furniture in the coming months, strengthening our existing equipment such as Winsted’s trademark ergonomic and ‘future-proof’ modular consoles, as well as our flexible and engineered products including monitor walls, workstations and digital desks.”

Winsted’s modular furniture offers construction advantages enabling their configuration to be tailored specifically to meet precise operating requirements. The company’s comprehensive range of products and related accessories can be supplied from stock or customised and Winsted’s R&D programme benefits from continual input based on customer feedback.

Since its inception in 1963, Winsted has consistently pioneered console design and development. The company’s product concept and design is driven by industry needs and demands, with many equipped ideas suggested by customers and developed with their input.

A dominant force in the U.S markets for nearly 50 years, Winsted expanded into overseas markets in 1975, primarily in England and in 1976 began concentrated efforts to establish distribution in the Middle East.

Winsted’s international distribution was firmly established in 1984 with the formation of Winsted Ltd in the UK.  Since then Winsted Ltd has become a design and manufacturing facility serving the European, Middle East and African markets. With an ever expanding global network of distributors, Winsted is in an excellent position to satisfy and support its rapidly growing international client base.

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