Concept Pro Delivers the Complete IP ‘Plug and Play’ Range

concept pro

concept proConcept Pro, renowned for simplicity and ease of use has introduced their new range of HD-IP NVR’s and IP cameras.

Concept Pro has launched a range of plug and play HD-IP NVRs and IP cameras. The exclusive distributor Videcon has made the choice of an IP package straightforward. The process starts with the 4-channel NVR, which has built in POE, followed by the selection from one of the two camera options: entry level, which offers a 720P resolution, or professional, which offers a 1080P resolution. Installers can mix and match up to four cameras and plug the cameras into the NVR to complete the job. The whole process leaves the installer with an I.T gremlin free plug and play solution and as you would expect from Concept Pro, the user face is intuitive and operator friendly.

Any package you choose will be suitable for a wide range of installations and Videcon are currently offering free product demonstrations.

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