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Concept Smoke Screen
Concept Smoke Screen

Concept Smoke Screen

The London Olympics opening ceremony that took place on Friday 27th July was a real humdinger. It had jaw dropping visuals and featured incredible performances liberally sprinkled with the unique brand of British humour. The event sparkled under world class direction and thundered along to an amazing showcase soundtrack featuring the cream of Great British music past and present.

The evening culminated in the grand ignition of the Olympic cauldron. The identity of the torch bearers was the best kept secret of the whole spectacle and what better way to affirm the legacy of the Games than to have oar master supreme, Sir Steve Redgrave, pass the fiery batons to our future champions. Personally I felt a swell of nostalgic pride rise in my chest at the sight of Daley Thompson. My thoughts harked back to a certain Lucozade TV advert from the 80s, the song ‘Phantom of the Opera’ by Iron Maiden playing in the background – a forgotten gem and a band notable by its absence in the main ceremony.

But who can forget the Industrial Revolution section? Kenneth Branagh’s charismatic Brunel, the great rising chimneys, the forging of the rings, a veritable hive of activity, the world was transfixed.

And what fantastic smoke and smog effects. Ever wondered how they produce effects like that at a live event?

Fog generators of course. Or to be more precise – a score of Concept Smoke Systems’ water based fog generators in their most impressive supporting role to date. Top hats doffed to Concept Smoke and Artem for such as great job.

Concept’s artificial smoke systems are powerful and engineered to an unparalleled level. They have to be, outputting immense amounts of thick, non-toxic smoke that doesn’t instantly disappear with the first gust of wind.

Concept Smoke Systems, sister company to Concept Smoke Screen, are frequently chosen for the reliability and quality of the generators. Besides supplying special effects smoke to the entertainment industry, they also simulate conditions for realistic fire training, carry out leak testing and assist with air visualisation applications.

This very same precision engineering has been translated over to the security sector, allowing Concept Smoke Screen to pass on the same benefits to their crime fighting efforts. Security smoke systems are designed primarily for internal use, rapidly filling rooms and shop areas to repel and deter intruders. In formation they are powerful enough to fill entire warehouses. Utilising the same water based fluid mixture means that even the most delicate of goods such as electronics, fabrics and works of art can be protected.

The organisers chose a brand of smoke generator which, like the athletes, is synonymous with calibre and consistency, proving Concept are indeed laps ahead.


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