How a leading company in the security sector prepares and adapts for the ever-changing state of the world

IDIS are exhibiting at IFSEC 2018

With the world constantly evolving, threats are also growing and are becoming more and more complex. As such, it can be difficult to not go out of date, with innovation being as important as ever. Jamie Barnfield, Sales Director of IDIS Europe, explains how the company stay ahead of the game, and discusses what IDIS will be bringing to the upcoming IFSEC exhibition.

How is IDIS preparing for the growing number of ever changing and complex threats?

It’s important IDIS continues to be at the forefront of innovation and that we release new products and technologies that have real-world tangible benefits.

This can be enhancements to already popular products or technologies. Take Smart UX Controls v2.0, which is embedded across our Super Fisheyeand new IR PTZ cameras. It makes zooming in on an area of interest faster and easier. This speed and accuracy together with HD or 4K resolution means the smallest detail isn’t missed, and suspicious behaviour is detected before an event escalates.

Integration with third party systems is important, such as access and intruder, to close the security gaps caused by disparate systems. Or our VGA/HDMI encoderenables simple and cost-efficient integration of multiple systems, delivering increased awareness and control.

When it comes to concerns around cyber security, we encourage customers to keep surveillance off the corporate network to eliminate security devices as a gateway to sensitive data and we have our own secure protocols that won’t be familiar to hackers.

Plus, most breaches a result of human error by failing to enforce best practice, particularly when installing large systems, so IDIS true zero configuration, plug-and-play technology together with our comprehensive training programme mitigates that risk.

What key products will IDIS be exhibiting at IFSEC 2018?

The IDIS Total Solution will feature with the most comprehensive line up yet, with every camera, recorder, monitor and accessory designed and manufactured at IDIS facilities in South Korea.

Prominent on the stand will be our flagship DirectIP® end-to-end IP surveillance platform, popular for its true plug-and-play, industry-leading ease of use, and IDIS Center, the full-featured VMS, at no charge (for licensing or updates). Our other stalwart offering, DirectCX, will also be on show for those looking to leverage existing coax cabling or mix and match analogue and IP across different sites.

Both ranges will feature a new line up of high-quality, compact cameras and recorders, packed with all the essential and easy-to-use features to meet the ever-increasing surveillance demands of small to medium sized businesses.

We will also showcase our expanded 4K range and new line-up of H.265 cameras and NVRs including the enhanced IDIS 12MP Super Fisheye Camera, the award-winning IR PTZ, the popular and powerful 64-channel IDIS DR-8364 NVR, plusour new H.265 4KDR-8400series of NVRsthat support RAID 1, 5, 6 and 10 and come with a server-crushing throughput of 960ips throughput. Visitors will also be able to see end-to-end solutions for retail, banking, corporate enterprises and transportation, which includes new military-grade, ruggedized NVRs.

We will also unveil our new Smartphone Cam application that enables a phone to be part of your surveillance solution as well as Privacy Masking.

To what extent are IDIS’ products currently being utilised in the public sector?

With over 35% market share in South Korea we can point to a myriad of public sector deployments. In the UK and Europe, we’ve seen huge successes with schools and local authorities. Our integration partner i2 CCTV has implemented innovative wireless solutions eliminating the need for disruptive and expensive civil work. In the Middle East, we’ve invested to make sure we are compliant with various in-country standards and IDIS is now rolling out across several sensitive ministerial projects.

How important is it to customers and distributors these days to have ‘everything on the shelf’?

IDIS distributors are a one-stop-shop for an entire project, safe in the knowledge that everything will all seamlessly work, and that staff only need to provide technical support across a single vendor’s line up.

It makes the delivery of projects more cost effective for everyone. Installers are not having to deal with multiple companies to acquire kit or receive technical support. Dealing with several manufacturers on a job is time consuming and often complex, so it protects installers margins, ensures they remain competitive and users aren’t absorbing unnecessary cost.

That’s why IDIS offers everything required to build a complete end-to-end surveillance solution.

What support can consultants and architects expect from IDIS at IFSEC?

Proven technology is important to consultants and architects and we can demonstrate IDIS deployments across an array of industry sectors. We have comprehensive documentation in multiple languages, a sophisticated design tool combined with BIM modelling and importantly, first class local support from project design phase through to delivery.

What is the main message that you will be bringing to the buying chain?

IDIS benefits everyone no matter where they sit the security buying chain. During IFSEC, end-users, installers, consultants and distributors can see for themselves the high-performance features that deliver tangible benefits. New levels of system-building flexibility and cost advantages for installers and users will also be big draws for visitors.

Will IDIS be hosting any demonstrations this year at IFSEC?

IDIS is part of the Show Me How programme whereby visitors can experience first-hand how to install and use IDIS technology in the real world.

We will demonstrate the fast and simple implementation of DirectIP through zero configuration, plug-and-play.

Visitors will also learn how to make meaningful savings in building a centralised monitoring environment. Lifecycle costs using the absolutely free VMS, IDIS Center can be up to 50% lower compared with server-based solutions thanks to zero configuration resulting in reduced installation time, easier maintenance together with the industry-beating, seven-year IDIS Ultimate Warranty.

We will also highlight the latest developments with the IDIS Deep Learning Engine, which offers agile monitoring of people, cars and bicycles; and alerts for object detection, loitering and intrusion—all adapted to fit a 16:9 ratio and with performance that outpaces all published academia on the subject.

Both the IDIS HE-1101 HDMI/VGA Video Encoder and IDIS CriticalFailover have enviable reputations within the industry… What makes these stand-out? What environments are these best suited to?

Award nominated, IDIS Critical Failover, is proving to be of interest to consultants and integrators working on high security and mission-critical sites. Critical Failover prevents loss of vital recorded data during an array of fault conditions, ranging from network instability to power supply failure.

The HE-1101 HDMI/VGA Video Encoder allows operators to oversee multiple applications from a single monitor and is installed by cost-effectively and simply connecting hardware with a VGA or HDMI output. The result is an integrated application displayed and recorded as if it were a camera in the surveillance system.

Suited to any control room environment it increases awareness and control, reduces the common mistakes made using disparate systems and validates compliance. It’s also a great fit for retailers as an investigative and auditing tool to reduce shrinkage, fraudulent transactions and compliance violations.

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