Comodo launches Windows 10 Antivirus Software

Comodo launches Windows 10 Antivirus Software

Comodo launches Windows 10 Antivirus Software

Comodo Internet Security suite is all set to defend Windows 10 PC users from Malware, Viruses and Zero-Day Attacks.

The inception of Windows 10 has brought in a bundle of new features to the user’s appeal. This calls for an equation of security. Features are certainly beneficial but on the counterpart hackers find ways to exploit these features to reach access over the user’s information.

Comodo stands upfront introducing new Antivirus and Internet security updates compatible to Windows 10 to benefit the users and to ensure PC security. Comodo stays updated and aims high in protecting the users from cyber threats. We at Comodo have taken all viable efforts to work against any threats that are built against Windows 10. Comodo moves one step ahead in framing resilient security features pinned in relevance to the customer IT security needs.

We are no where close to defying the use of Internet and with such an ineluctable element serving as a medium of getting connected globally, hackers are waiting to take a chance to reach access over the user’s information shared via the virtual portal. Comodo deprives its Windows 10 customers from being attacked by some unwanted variants of threats with its robust feature components like auto-sandboxing, containment technology, default deny protection and much more.

Features of Comodo Internet Security for Windows 10

Default Deny Protection: Denies the entry of any unknown files from entering the system, thereby giving a full protection much at an intial stage.
Containment Technology: Contains unknown or suspicious files or zero day threats to run seperately in a virtual space.
Antivirus: Locates and deletes malware through auto sandboxing technique to protect your Windows 10 based PC.

Comodo gives way to the world class cyber security techniques with a niche range of security products establishing its presence to protect the virtual world. Comodo security products mitigates the concerns relating to cyber attacks. The security software at Comodo are programmed to decipher the hacker’s equation of cyber violence that are raised against its valuable customers.

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