ComNet’s new switch provides 30watt power for up to seven PoE devices

ComNet's eight port unmanaged switch with PoE

ComNet's eight port unmanaged switch with PoE

ComNet's eight port unmanaged switch with PoE

ComNet introduces eight port unmanaged switch with PoE

ComNet Europe of Leeds in the United Kingdom, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic transmission and networking equipment, has expanded its Ethernet product line by introducing two eight-port unmanaged switches that provides six or seven 100TX Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports and one or two 10/100TX or 100FX combination ports. This switch is designed for use in harsh environmental applications. The CNFE8USPOE provides a Power over Ethernet (PoE) function to peripheral devices that can be PoE powered. This device supports the latest IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard for use with Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) supplying up to 30 Watts.

This unmanaged switch can serve as an aggregation point for up to seven 10/100TX Ethernet devices while providing PoE to the peripheral devices. It also transports Ethernet data optically over multimode or single mode fiber, selected by optional SFP modules to a managed switch or other core network devices.

According to Steve Clarke, ComNet Europe Managing Director, “We see this product used in applications where a number of PoE powered Ethernet devices, such as IP cameras, Ethernet access control and intrusion devices, are in close proximity. Our customers asked us for a cost-effective solution that allowed for more than one PoE device be powered in those locations where a number of IP output devices were closely congragated. The CNFE8USPOE was designed as a point where the output of up to 7 Ethernet devices can be aggregated and provide operating power for those devices. That Ethernet data can be sent optically over an extended distance to another part of the network.  The ComNet CNFE8USPOE solves this challenge.”

With the introduction of the CNFE8USPOE unmanaged switch, we round out our PoE offering and solve a multitude of challenges our customers face,” said Skip Haight, ComNet VP of Marketing. “The new products we’re introducing are the result of the transition to Ethernet and of ComNet proactively providing solutions to these new challenges. The added value ComNet provides is the customer care experience we offer. ComNet is a complete full-service company and not just a product line. From the initial contact forward, our customers will be delighted by how great the overall experience is,” Haight continued.

ComNet offers an extensive line of fiber optic video and data transmission equipment as well as a line of Ethernet Network equipment that is uniquely toughened to meet the needs of the Security and Intelligent Transportation System market. Full product line details are available at Call direct +44 (0) 1133 076 400 or email for details.

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