ComNet’s latest transmission solution extends fiber optic reach

ComNet FDW1000
ComNet FDW1000

ComNet FDW1000

ComNet Europe Ltd of Leeds in the United Kingdom, manufacturer of fiber optic transmission and networking equipment, is introducing a fiber optic distance extending interface that allows optical connectivity between one card reader and its associated door or gate locking hardware, and any Wiegand, Magstripe, or F/2F-based control panel.

The ComNet FDW1000 transmits Wiegand data optically over multimode or single-mode fiber at distances up to 3.5km or 40km respectively. ComNet is also introducing a unique expansion module that allows up to 7 additional card readers be integrated on to the fiber optic network. These new ComNet models are designed to prevent tampering and provide safe and secure operation.

According to Steve Clarke, ComNet Europe Managing Director, “Wiegand data interfaces are extremely popular for access control applications. Using fiber optic transmission to extend the distance between the gate/door access control reader and Wiegand, Magstripe, or F/2F-based control panel is a cost-effective solution. This application might be considered a niche market, but as the ComNet product line expands, we’re able to develop solutions for these niche applications. Being US-based, our engineering and product development teams can quickly develop the products that solve customer challenges.”

“Like all ComNet fiber optic products, the FDW1000 and EXP100 are designed and manufactured here in the United States. We feel having support for these types of products on a local level is a great benefit to ComNet customers,” said Clarke.

“Our product line continues to expand. We’re trying to position ComNet as the place to turn for all solutions to signal transmission challenges,” said Skip Haight, ComNet VP of Marketing. “Be it a simple distance extension solution for a Wiegand access control system, or designing a complete product line to enter a new market, ComNet is uniquely positioned to compete,” Haight concluded.


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