Community Safety CCTV solution to teen street crime

CCTV Solution

CCTV Solution

A leading member of the UK’s security industry has highlighted an initiative that could prevent the recent string of street robberies seen in areas such as Littleover in Derbyshire – that have left members of the community shocked and awed by the audacity and fearless nature of the crimes. The problem seems to be affecting the teenage population of the area, after a number 13-16 year olds have been the victims of violent and often armed robbery in just the last month. Even if perhaps not totally preventable, Viseum UK can provide the authorities with evidence quality footage that would take the onus off youngsters having to report street crime.

In the month of June alone, reports of teenage boys having their mobile phones, money and even their shoes stolen have been common place in the Littleover area. The major issue is that victims of these crimes fear they cannot report them to the police for dread of reprisal, yet said crimes must be reported in order for the Police to take action.

This is exactly the kind of scenario where Viseum’s Community Safety Watch initiative is being implemented to great effect. Recent successful implementation of these schemes speaks volume. Community Safety Watch has the power to save millions off the UK crime bill, while delivering safer communities.

The Community Safety Watch scheme is an initiative pioneered by Viseum to put safety in the hands of local communities, with the Viseum intelligent CCTV camera invented as a tool to make CCTV an attractive and viable option. Successful trials have seen the concept embraced by police and local councils throughout the country, with the authorities realising the power of Viseum’s system to deliver safe and secure communities. Viseum’s technology can be at least 20 times more effective that standard camera technologies, saving time and money and giving unprecedented levels of discreet community protection.

Dawn Gee, who heads the group Carlisle (Littleover) Against Crime, said “I have been made aware of three incidents in recent weeks. I am led to believe that sometimes the victims are telling their parents they have lost their phone, other times they are begging their parents not to report it as they fear reprisals. This is a serious issue in Littleover and concerns are raised as the summer holidays are fast approaching.”

Stuart Thompson concluded:”Viseum UK has shown that the community safety service is a viable business concept and deliver a tangible impact on crime while being cost effective for communities and councils to invest in. It is initiatives like these that Viseum has developed that are delivering a win-win situation for all concerned and improving the bottom line for everyone – while more importantly, making a tangible difference to real people’s lives in our towns and cities.”


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  1. adam bonner on August 22, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    The article does not say how these Viseum CCTV systems are going to reduce street crime amongst youths. As so often occurs with these debates about CCTV and crime there is an underlying assumption that the technology works ie that it has a statistically significant effect on reducing crime. As we have seen though in a number of major studies sponsored by the UK Home Office and the Cambridge Collaboration Foundation Report the studies show little or no effect with the exception of car parks. One must produce more than mere testimonials to demonstrate efficacy. Intuitively it would seem obvious that a camera that captures footage of a crime would be likely to assist with solving it and thereby preventing such crimes in the future. Common sense is a good yard stick most of the time, however, when it comes to spending large sums on technology which could be spent on other crime abatement programs, you need more – you need hard evidence of cost effectveness. The other issue that Security Companies don’t want to talk about is the impact these cameras have on our privacy. Remember more than 99 per cent of the footage is of innocent people going about their lawful business. Why should they be subjected to their personal information being collected and stored on a database if they are doing nothing wrong. I don’t want my image recorded in this way every time I walk around my local suburb. If you do – good and well, but waiving your rights doesn’t mean I should have to.

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