Comm Port to showcase detection module for CPAS at Intersec 2017

Comm Port to showcase detection module for CPAS at Intersec 2017

Comm Port to showcase detection module for CPAS at Intersec 2017

US-based manufacturer of UVSS / UVIS systems, Comm Port Technologies is to showcase its latest advanced software – ACDM (Automatic Change Detection Module) – to be used in UVIS/UVSS anomaly detection for the CPAS line of under vehicle surveillance and inspection systems.

According to Comm Port, ACDM is an advanced software technology that can be used for comparison of any images, whether they are identical, partially dissimilar, or substantially different with instantaneous detection of variations and anomalies found in the undercarriage of vehicles.

With the introduction of ACDM, Comm Port says it continues to prove itself as the most advanced manufacturer of Under Vehicle Inspection / Surveillance systems in the world. ACDM was developed by incorporating specialized algorithms that create instantaneous image comparisons between vehicle pass imagery generated by CPAS and a reference image of the underside of a vehicle.

CPAS, known throughout the world as the most reliable UVIS/UVSS system, provides security personnel with real-time and full color image processing supporting image capture up to an incredible 900 FPS – the fastest frame capture in the industry. Full high definition color up to 1080p at 30FPS is easily supported even with vehicles moving up to 75KMPH, Comm Port claims. And now, says Comm Port, the new ACDM software is included as a standard feature of CPAS making Comm Port’s UVIS/UVSS systems, by far, the best performance value on the market today.

Comm Port CEO and President Manny Patel commented:

“The latest release of software for our UVSS includes an advanced technology for image comparison that detects identical or dissimilar images with instantaneous detection. We will be showcasing the new automatic change detection module (ACDM) software during Intersec 2017 along with our latest version of CPAS hardware for under vehicle surveillance systems.”

This ADCM software enables an immediate visual aid tool for the CPAS operator based on scientific data unaffected by human factors such as fatigue or other psychological factors. Operators can now work much faster with the confidence of being more accurate on forensic analysis. The ADCM software operates via a network interface and can be used for either single lane or complex multi-lane deployment.

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