Comelit provides Embassy Gardens security

Comelit provides Embassy Gardens security

Comelit provides Embassy Gardens security

Working with installers, Blakegow, Comelit has provided access control for 639 apartments – both high-end and affordable – in a 60-acre mixed-use development site in Battersea, London. The site will also accommodate the new US embassy.

Blakegow and consulting engineers, Hoare Lea, opted for bespoke stainless steel digital entrance panels from Comelit’s ViP range, and 12 panels have been installed at door stations across the seven blocks of apartments. Facility managers and installers will appreciate that the panels have access codes of up to eight digits and integrated RFID readers can also be fitted.

Residents in the privately owned apartments are able to view their visitors on Planux colour video monitors with a 3.5” on-screen display. The monitors feature polyphonic ringtones, a memo video function, SD card slot and also have scope for use as a desktop version. In the affordable section of the development, residents use the Easycom full duplex hands-free intercom, featuring privacy of conversation, active audio LED signalling, door lock command and six configurable buttons.

Embassy Gardens uses audio-video porter switchboard units that provide two-way contact (text and image messages) between concierges and the apartments, thereby optimising security for residents. Part of Comelit’s integrated IP suite, the access control units also allow the concierge to observe and hear activity at the entrance panel stations. Additionally, the concierge can see the name or apartment number of the resident being called. This feature is invaluable if a resident is known to be elderly or vulnerable in any way.

The advantages of a single site-wide IP platform for access control at this kind of residential complex are enormous for installers, facility managers and users alike. Maintenance, system health checks and pre-installation configuration can be performed offsite, which reduces costs and minimises disruption to everyday activity at the complex.

Residents in the privately owned apartments with the Planux colour monitors can have video intercom calls diverted to their smart devices and are even able to grant or deny access remotely. Site managers can update the name directory via software, as well as send messages to all residents or to sub-groups and individuals. One option for residents who do not wish to be disturbed is to record a message to this effect, which will be audible from the entrance panel when visitors arrive. Facility managers using ViP also have the option of configuring the system to allow automatic entry for couriers and trusted contractors or health workers and are able to fine-tune these access rights for defined areas.

“The presence of the new US embassy within this site underlines the cutting-edge technology that has been used throughout. Comelit is delighted that Embassy Gardens residents are able to benefit from the powerful features offered by local and remote use of our IP systems. We are also pleased that off-site diagnostics and maintenance will reduce costs for the installer and end-user,” said Francesca Boeris, Managing Director, Comelit UK.

The master plan architects for Embassy Gardens are Terry Farrell and Partners, who are known for mixed-use schemes of this kind in London. Embassy Gardens will feature office space, retail and leisure facilities, flexible community amenities and a 100-bed hotel. The developer is Ballymore Group.

In London alone, Comelit’s recent residential projects include installations of IP access control equipment at Islington (Queensland Terrace), Colindale (Beaufort Park), Mill Hill (Hammers Lane) and Richmond (Kew Bridge West).

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