Combating global terrorist threats by Kirintec

Combating global terrorist threats by Kirintec

Combating global terrorist threats by Kirintec

Arguably no-one in the UK will have escaped the news debated and decided by parliament in the last couple of days. The fact is that awareness of a global threat as a result of terrorist activity is at an unprecedented all time high.

The ability to respond appropriately and effectively to a terrorist or criminal improvised explosive device (or IED) attack, no longer remains the sole bastion of Military and Government Law Enforcement Organisations.

Large financial Institutions, blue chip commercial organisations, sites of critical infrastructure and many other civilian organisations are increasingly taking the initiative. They are becoming – or have already become, fully informed of the terror threat and what this could mean to their organisation, both within the UK and overseas.

From sporting venues, to events stadiums, right through to mass-transit locations the phenomenon of credible threat rather than commercial institutional risk has created a new dimension. Our security professionals are more informed than ever. Unsurpisingly they fully understand the implications and are updating their levels of preparation.

Kirintec equipment is designed to save and preserve life, rather than take it.

Our product portfolio and specialist training capacity is testament to this. We have equipment that is readily available and is being provided to bridge the ‘capability gap’. For example our Kirintec REBUS jamming system is a simple to use electronic countermeasure. This clever piece of kit has no impact on communications, making it ideal for First Responders to use in the type of public places referred to above.

There are two fundamental components of the success of any major global organisation:

• Information
• Knowledge

By bridging the information gap, informed decisions can be made based on fact and real time events rather than supposition and historical data. Here is a simple formula for you: Knowledge + Capability = Success.

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