Cobalt Light Systems launches RESOLVE

Cobalt Light Systems launches RESOLVE

Cobalt Light Systems launches RESOLVE

Cobalt Light Systems announces the launch of Resolve™, a new handheld system that identifies hazardous materials through sealed containers for applications in Hazmat incident management, military EOD, first response, search & law enforcement, and screening at ports & borders.

Resolve uses Cobalt’s proprietary spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) technology to detect and identify chemicals through opaque non-metallic barriers such as coloured and non-transparent plastics, paper, card, sacks, fabric and glass. Measured spectra are accurately matched to comprehensive on-board spectral libraries. The system is capable of identifying materials including; explosives and precursors, hazardous and toxic materials, chemical agents, narcotics and new psychoactive substances, plus thousands of benign chemicals. Resolve’s matching algorithm identifies individual chemicals as well as mixtures.

Resolve requires ~1 minute for positive ID (or less in some modes of operation), with no sample preparation or consumables needed. The system is ruggedized for use in tough environments and has been designed for ease-of-use when wearing protective gear.

Removing the need to open or move potentially hazardous containers can significantly improve the safety and efficiency of operations:

• Hazards are contained, reducing the risk to operators and the public
• Objects can be examined quickly and efficiently – less time spent in protective gear
• Evidence is preserved
• Better informed critical decisions can be made earlier in the operation

Cobalt Light Systems’ CEO, Dr Paul Loeffen, said:

“Resolve enables Cobalt’s unique SORS technology to be deployed into new fields such as Hazmat response, EOD and law enforcement, delivering a truly game-changing new capability. The system has been developed with significant input from professionals in this field, and we are confident it will help improve the safety and efficiency of operators.”

Cobalt has a proven track record in hazardous materials detection and ID. The company’s Insight range of liquid explosive detection systems is widely deployed for bottle screening at airports across Europe, Asia and Australasia, including 8 of the top 10 EU hubs.

Cobalt will be exhibiting and presenting live demos of Resolve at several upcoming events, including;

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