CNL’s IPSecurityCenter offers support for Middle East customers

CNL's Arabic language version of IPSecurityCenter™
CNL's Arabic language version of IPSecurityCenter™

CNL’s Arabic language version of IPSecurityCenter™

CNL Software, a world leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, is pleased to announce the deployment of an Arabic language version of its IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM solution as part of a localization project supporting customers in the Middle East.

IPSecurityCenter provides a single Common Operating Platform (COP) for all of an organization’s mission critical security systems across operators with varying roles and permission levels. Using a natural right-to-left reading format, the Arabic version offers a localized administrator interface for managing users, groups and device status. Layouts, sequences and process guidance can also all be created in Arabic. Operators will be able to work using Arabic to view alarms, search for cameras and locations as well as display maps, gauges, charts and address details.

“As organizations update their security systems and turn to PSIM solutions to manage their operations we have identified the need to provide local language versions of IPSecurityCenter to support security operators, who do not have English as a second language, to carry out their duties. Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world. It is the official language of more than 20 countries in the Middle East and as such it was very important to our customers to provide a localized solution”, says Jon Lunnerfeldt, Product Manager at CNL Software. “The Arabic version of IPSecurityCenter is the first step in an on-going localization project which will incorporate other languages; with the aim of helping our customers to ensure compliance and homogenize their security protection levels.”

CNL Software has several flagship projects in Middle East including critical infrastructure, law enforcement and safe city. The company has also recently strengthened its staff team covering the Middle East to support the increasing demand for its PSIM solutions from police forces, governments and corporate enterprise within the GCC region.


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