CNL Software Releases IPSecurityCenter PSIM V4.9


CNL Software, a world leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, is pleased to announce the release of V4.9 of IPSecurityCenter PSIM offering new and enhanced features including Federation, Video Export, Advanced Alarm Correlation and Improved Mapping.

The new enhancements to IPSecurityCenter not only aid operators with real-time situation awareness and incident response but also allow the software to be deployed more easily and faster than previously possible.

Federation – Federation works by allowing the creation of multiple standalone IPSecurityCenter PSIM deployments and establishing a link between them. IPSecurityCenter will synchronize any required objects from one to the other in order to facilitate the supported functionality.

Video Export – IPSecurityCenter Video Export takes the complexity out of exporting video from a mixed set of sources and locations. It allows operators to choose evidence sources for export in a variety of ways including: selecting cameras from a map, from cameras related to an incident, from a list of favorites or by searching for a specific camera. The operator can select the desired destination for the exported video and IPSecurityCenter will schedule, create and advise when files are ready.

Advanced Alarm Correlation – The correlation engine enables the aggregation of information from multiple events into a single alarm. In isolation, these events may hold little significance but when combined, however, they may pose a significant risk to a business. Enhancements in IPSecurityCenter V4.9 allow the engine to create correlated alarm types, enabling multiple events to be grouped and advanced conditions specified for evaluating these events.

Improved Mapping – Several new features added to IPSecurityCenter improve the mapping capabilities. This includes the new importer, which enables the handling of large-scale maps with minimal image processing, as well as other enhancements to the zoom feature and the dedicated mapping toolbar.

“With over a decade of development, IPSecurityCenter leads the PSIM market with its features, performance and sophistication. These latest enhancements will help us to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the control room” Jon Lunnerfeldt, Product Manager at CNL Software comments “We continue to invest heavily in developing the features that customers, partners and industry leaders inspire us to create.”

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