CNL software extends IPSCDevNet™ to grow global development community


IPSCDevNetCNL Software, a world leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, announces the extension of its global development partner community, IPSCDevNet.

Following its initial launch in the summer of 2012 to a select number of partners, the IPSCDevNet program has facilitated the secure and independent creation of integrations for IPSecurityCenter™ applications.  This open approach has now been extended to further partners in the CNL Software ecosystem, as well as other independent software developers. The IPSCDevNet program provides members with a wide range of benefits, including revenue generation opportunities, such as contracted work from CNL Software and the ability to resell drivers using the IPSCDevNet portal.

Registered IPSCDevNet program partners receive access to all the tools needed to create certified integration drivers to the IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM platform.  It allows the open integration of a wide range of security and environmental management systems, including CCTV, access control, radar, PIDS, and fire. For quality assurance, CNL Software offers testing and certification of 3rd party drivers against existing and future releases of IPSecurityCenter. Members of IPSCDevNet already include e-thele SDQ Networks, Orion Systems and American Security Consulting.

“Since launching the IPSCDevNet program this summer, we have had lots of inquiries from a wide range of companies interested in creating drivers for IPSecurityCenter. We have used this time to build a solid framework, allowing us to scale this program significantly both in volume and geography” commented Jonathan Barker, API Integration Manager at CNL Software “This extension will rapidly grow our development partner community, accelerating driver creation, while allowing us to maintain the same high levels of quality drivers we have always developed.”

“The good news for partners is there are no upfront costs to join as well as no annual fees to be an IPSCDevNet development partner. There are costs for training, support and certification, but these are only applicable when these services are required and only for certain partner types.”

IPSCDevNet is aimed at four distinct member groups:  API partners, who will be contracted by CNL Software to create drivers. CNL Software channel partners, who want to write and own specialized drivers for specific customers. CNL Software technology partners who want to write and own their own drivers, as it will help them get a share of the large PSIM and enterprise markets. The final group is independent software developers, who want to generate revenue from reselling IPSecurityCenter drivers on a customer by customer basis.

CEO, Keith Bloodworth adds, “During the last six years, our PSIM software has injected some much needed IT knowhow into physical security solution delivery. We are now doing the same with our development process, and adding some of the most innovative methodologies and commercial models seen in the physical security arena. This is enabling us to become more open and able to work with more technologies than any of our competitors.”

“IPSCDevNet is growing into a global development community, and as it does it increases the pool of knowledge available, allowing the creation of some of the most integrated solutions available today. Not only is it a technically sound approach but one that adds multiple benefits to the partners while simultaneously creating a community dedicated to providing the best solution for the end user.”


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