Cloud Technology Simplifies Aimetis Enterprise Manager

Aimetis Enterprise Manager

Aimetis Enterprise Manager™ uses cloud technology to simplify the management of VMS systems.

Aimetis Enterprise Manager provides centralised management, visibility and control of distributed IP video management software (VMS) systems. It enables security and IT professionals to manage multiple Aimetis VMS servers and Physical Security Appliance NVRs centrally, using cloud technology.

The VMS servers connect securely to the Enterprise Manager and are operated using an intuitive and powerful web-based dashboard. Efficient, centralised deployment of VMS software updates and system configuration is enabled, whilst system status and performance can be closely monitored.

“The key benefit of Aimetis Enterprise Manager is that it centralises the management of multiple VMS sites, including simplifying the deployment of software updates,” said Marc Holtenhoff, CEO of Aimetis. “System managers can configure and update multiple VMS sites simultaneously, via the cloud.”

Enterprise Manager can ensure business compliance is maintained across sites by keeping systems current. It also lowers the operational and management overheads of the IT team.
Key benefits include:

  • Unified visibility and control of multiple Aimetis VMS sites using a single, web-based dashboard
  • Application of pre-configured settings to cameras and sites from the cloud
  • Remote management of VMS software updates
  • Centralised server backups
  • Automated monitoring of alerts
  • Flexible, subscription-based licensing

For more information and a detailed overview of Enterprise Manager’s functionality, please watch the video at:
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