Cloud-based access control rolled out in Indiana city

brivo-logoBrivo Systems’ access control and video surveillance management solutions have been deployed across a number of departments and locations throughout the city of Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Located north of Louisville, Kentucky, across the Ohio River, Jeffersonville is home to around 45,000 residents. Brivo dealer and installer Security Pros have been working with various government officials as part of an on-going project to upgrade the city’s access control management capabilities.

Brivo cloud-based access control has been installed to manage access gates at the city’s waste-water treatment plants and also all access points and buildings for the Department of Streets.

Chris Gilbert, founder and President of Security Pros, said they have also been working with the Police Department to implement Brivo OnAir at the new police building. Around 30 access points across the city are currently managed, and Gilbert expects that number to increase substantially over the next year or so.

“We are doing the majority of the city’s access management with Brivo,” said Gilbert. “We’ve installed video surveillance cameras for this city as well, but lately most of the demand is for installing Brivo OnAir at an expanded number of locations.”

A recent $4 million renovation at one of the city’s most prominent parts, Vissing Park, found the Parks and Recreation department requiring a solution to give park users access to bathroom facilities. With the areas locked by staff upon leaving, there were fears that leaving the bathrooms open or on electronic timers could result in vandalism and graffiti.

Paul Northam, director of Parks and Recreation, said: “We knew we could simply set up automatic schedules for the two sets of bathrooms at the park and connect and transmit wirelessly. Now, the public has access from 6 am to 10 pm and we have a record of the access for each bathroom.”

Access control technologies are also in use at Highland Dog Park in the city, with residents provided with access cards for an annual fee. The cards contain vaccination data, with all five required kinds of vaccination having to be up-to-date in order for the access card to stay valid. Northam said the system helps the department promote the fact they offer “a safe park environment” to residents and their dogs.

It is planned for such technology to be implemented as new public parks are built and existing ones are expanded, with view to standardising the access control requirements across Jeffersonville.

Gilbert concluded: “We have an excellent partnership with the city. We want to offer a single, superior technology solution, instead of installing and servicing a hodgepodge of equipment. It makes a lot of sense.”

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