The closure of CCTV Image magazine: we explain our position

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Security Media Publishing new logo 2014As part of the company’s ongoing rebranding and restructuring following our merger with The Security Catalogue in December 2013, the launch of and our new branding in April 2014, Security Media Publishing has made the decision to no longer publish CCTV Image Magazine for the CCTV User Group.

The magazine title and the associated web domain name,, are the property of the CCTV User Group.

Security Media Publishing is committed to providing the best return on investment for those who advertise on any of our media platforms, and to achieve this we regularly review and adjust our publications.

We have been proud to publish CCTV Image on behalf of the CCTV User Group. After more than 10 years of publication, more than 55 editions of the magazine have been produced under the editorship of Tom Reeve.

Regretfully, our assessment of the viability of CCTV Image magazine is that it is a publication which is no longer a viable part of SMP’s media portfolio. While we have made concerted attempts to reposition the publication and have even accepted declining revenues on the publication as a price of keeping it going, there are fundamental changes in the marketplace that cannot be ignored.

The publication was conceived to cater for members of the CCTV User Group and others in the CCTV industry who were interested in the issues raised by the group. A large proportion of the group’s members are control room managers and town centre managers who now have less influence on buying decisions than they used to. In an increasingly pressurised financial market, budgets are tighter and the only advertising spending is in areas that can guarantee results – unfortunately, due to these changes in the market, we feel that the CCTV Image publication does not fall into this category.

Greater reach and visibility within the CCTV industry, and related fields, can be achieved with our flagship publication, SecurityNewsDesk.

This has not been an easy or rushed decision and we have considered many options to try to justify keeping the publication going.

We recognise the continued good work of the CCTV User Group and its members, and our decision to stop publishing the magazine after our long association is no reflection on the value of the CCTV User Group; we wish them well in the future and look forward to reporting on their activities and providing a platform for their views.

Please direct enquiries to the Managing Director of Security Media Publishing, Philip Ingram at or tel. 01543-250456.

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