Clarius® Duo LED illuminator range for CCTV cameras

LED illuminator

GJD is now offering a complete range of Clarius® Duo LED illuminator. Available in Infra-Red and White-Light, the Clarius Duo offers superior image quality for a wide range of sectors. It is also fitted with an adjustable angle feature, making it perfect for both wide and narrow field of view applications, whilst providing an extra layer of security to external areas.

For protecting residential properties, commercial buildings and industrial sites, as well as rural and isolated areas, the Clarius® Duo provides a professional, flexible, reliable and cost effective solution. A key advantage is that all products in the Duo range can be easily mounted on walls, poles and around corners. Another major advantage is that it is designed with high performance and ultra-low power consumption, whilst using minimum energy and so providing significant cost savings.
In addition to providing significantly enhanced perimeter protection, the Duo offers other benefits and unique features like the intelligent universal input switching power supply, with photocell adjust, telemetry and following contacts.

Keith Fenwick, Director of GJD commented: “The Clarius® Duo range of high performance LED illuminators are designed to provide first class leading performance, long life and ultra-low maintenance”.
Infra-Red LED illuminators are designed to work in conjunction with monochrome or day and night cameras, providing a light invisible to the human eye, but fully visible to the CCTV camera. The Infra-Red Clarius® Duo is perfect for covert surveillance because the camera can see, but the intruder cannot. It is also excellent for use in sensitive areas where light pollution needs to be at an absolute minimum, such as residential sites.

Clarius® Duo LED based White-Light illuminators deliver impeccable White-Light for use with colour cameras, making the White-Light Duo a great solution to deter potential intruders and offer support in darkened areas such as isolated footpaths and car parks.

Other key advantages include simple installation and easy camera integration. The Clarius® Duo also offers ultra-low maintenance as well as a five-year warranty.
GJD has recently announced an unbeatable Clarius® Duo promotion for distributors. For more information please email or call +44 (0) 1706 363 998.

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