CitySync launches new wireless ANPR transmission solution Jet Air

CitySync Jet Air
CitySync Jet Air

CitySync Jet Air

CitySync has introduced the new Jet Air ANPR Transmission range to their Portfolio. The Jet Air systems provide secure cost effective wireless data transmission solutions where the installation of conventional or fibre optic cable is not feasible or too expensive.

Jet Air transmission solutions are tested with CitySync’s JetBase ANPR software and is available to run on licenced or unlicenced frequencies to suit all applications.

Jet Air Wireless ANPR Transmission system provides point-to-point and multi-point transmission solutions. Licensed frequencies guarantees service levels particularly in areas where interference has become an issue.

3.6GHz offers greater link distances and non-line-of-sight capability compared to unlicensed frequencies ensuring high service levels.

Lawson Noble, CitySync’s Chief Technical Officer says, “The Jet Air Wireless Transmission system is perfect for ANPR systems where cables are not practical for communication links.  We can see this is going to be a great solution to many of our customer’s installations.”

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