Chubb installs bespoke wireless CCTV system on site of World War II airbase

Hixon Thumnail


Chubb Fire & Security UK has designed and installed a bespoke wireless closed-circuit television (CCTV) system to protect a busy industrial estate and former World War II airbase in Staffordshire, England. Chubb, a leading provider of electronic security and fire safety solutions for business and industry, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

Home to more than 30 industrial units, Hixon Airfield Industrial Estate previously had a manned guarding presence but needed to strengthen its security. Hixon Airfield Services, which manages the estate, approached Chubb to install CCTV to support its physical security.

“We specified a sophisticated CCTV system incorporating beam detectors that alerts a security guard in the event an alarm is triggered,” says Garry Burns, sales executive, Chubb. “The guard can then visually verify the intrusion before calling for police assistance.”

A reader located on the estate enables the security guard to activate all of the beams across the site wirelessly using a key fob. If a beam is broken, the guard receives an alert through the computer in the guard’s lodge and can view the images from the cameras. Customers can also view the site’s camera images using an iPhone app, anywhere, any time.

“Due to the size of the site, to connect each individual camera and detector to a central system using cables would have been too costly and labour intensive,” says Garry. “Consequently, Chubb CCTV Engineer Tony Skelton designed a bespoke system ideally suited to the customer’s requirements, whereby all of the cameras and detectors are radio-linked wirelessly and transmit clear images.”

Nine cameras were installed, with six cameras and beam detectors situated on top of poles around the estate. There are also two static cameras installed to cover areas where blind spots had been noted.

“This design meant that we could provide an effective solution for the customer. We are also supplying a service contract, enabling Hixon Airfield Services to feel confident that help is always on-hand,” Garry adds.

Chubb has worked with Hixon Airfield Services on previous occasions to supply and install vehicular access control solutions at the estate, and has also carried out work for several of the site’s tenants.

“We felt that the time was right to enhance our existing security arrangement and that CCTV was the best way forward. We thought that if we’re going to do this, we need to do it well and with an expert in the field, and Chubb’s reputation precedes it,” says Lesley Walker, Hixon Airfield Services. “Several of the landlords and owners on the site jointly contributed towards the cost of the system and their feedback – as well as that of the tenants – has been excellent. We have already used the CCTV on several occasions to monitor incidents and it has been a great help.”

Hixon Airfield Industrial Estate’s 31 industrial units are built on a decommissioned WWII airbase. The airbase opened in May 1942 for RAF Bomber Command, with three concrete runways to support the weight of Wellingtons, Lancasters and Bristol Blenheims; Masters, Martinets and Hurricanes were also hosted at the base. Two of the runways still exist today, as well as a hangar, the old Guardroom and the original Control Tower, which is now the offices of Hixon Airfield Services.


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